Lost and Found

Preventing a lost pet/Finding a lost pet

Lost and FoundPreventing a Lost Pet Finding a Lost Pet “To love an animal truly, is to truly love, with no expectation other to delight in that love.” ...Rachel Rosenthal and Jacki Apple from 'Tatti Wattles: A Love Story'

Give your pet a ticket home, put ID on your pet.Preventing a Lost Pet Tips on How to Prevent Your Pet From Getting Lost

  • Always keep your pets indoors.
  • Make sure that your pet wears current identification tags, with your address and phone number.
  • Have recent photos of your pet.
  • Have written descriptions of your pet (size, color, weight, markings).
  • If someone else is caring for your pet in your Absence, leave them this information.

Remember, a pet - even an indoor pet - has a better chance of being returned if she always wears a collar with an ID tag with your name, address, and telephone number. Contact veterinarians about permanent methods if positive identification, such as microchips.

Give your pet a ticket home, put ID on your pet.

Finding a Lost PetFinding a Lost Pet

When your beloved dog or cat strays from home it can be a traumatic experience for both of you. Here are some tips to help you find your pet:

  • Check your neighborhood.
  • Take the time to walk around as you call your pet.
  • Carry some food to lure your pet out from a hiding place.
  • Ask everyone if they have seen your pet.  Carry a pet photo.  Make sure that everyone knows your pet is missing. A small reward will motivate people to help search.
  • Drive around your neighborhood at night.  Lost pets will hide during the day. They may even recognize the sound of your car.
  • Check the Animal Shelters in your area
    • We recommend you check for your pet by coming to the pound at least every other day.
    • Keep trying.  Some people will hold a lost pet at their house for several weeks before turning it in to an animal shelter.
    • DON’T GIVE UP! Some animals are found months after being lost!
    • Contact other animal shelters in your area.
  • Posters, Posters, Posters!
    • Place posters in shopping centers, on telephone poles, in vet offices, in pet stores, in grooming parlors, and with the animal shelters in your area.
    • Including your pet’s photo will attract attention to your Poster.
    • Be sure to include your pets’ name, a phone number (day and evening, a good description of your pet, and an offer for a reward).
    • For safety purposes, do not post your address.
    • PRINT A LOST PET POSTER NOW, before you need it.
  • Use the Newspaper
    • Place ads in your local newspapers.
    • Read the “found” ads and respond to anything that might possibly resemble your pet.
    • Remember, a white animal may easily turn into a gray or tan color after being outdoors for a few days.

Be wary of pet-recovery scams. When talking to a stranger who claims to have found your pet, ask him to describe the pet thoroughly before you offer any information. Be particularly wary of people who insist that you give them money for the return of your pet.