Catherine Wolfe

“Teresa Morton, is one of the most genuinely dedicated people I have ever met when it comes to saving animals! I consider her the “Mother Teresa” of the animal world!”

Joellen Williams

“I visited this shelter and was absolutely uplifted by the amount of time, space, energy, money, and love this shelter showers on these animals. They fight the good fight at this shelter.”

Kellie Reynolds

“I adopted an amazing pit bull from them and they are so caring and still ask about my Baby 4 years later.”

Roni Parshall

“This isn’t just any shelter–there is true passion behind the work that is put into the shelter and making it a comfortable place for the animals that stay there. I adopted Misty, my third dog, from Ahimsa a little over a year ago. When Misty got to her new home, nerves were causing her to have hair loss. I expressed my concern to Teresa, and she immediately mailed a formula to me to help Misty. My point is that Ahimsa continued to care for my dog even after she had left the shelter. Thank you Ahimsa!”

Joan Hammer

“This is truly one the most loving, kind and dedicated family I’ve ever known for providing a home for EVERY animal. No precious life is turned away here. We are blessed to have them in our community.”

Elisha Adams

“Ahimsa truly knows the meaning of unconditional love.”

Jeremy Turner

“There is no better shelter for pets!! Awesome operators and genuine caring people.”

Candice Humphries

“There needs to be more shelters like Ahimsa.”

Melody Harris

“These people love animals so much. They go the extra mile for them”

Susan Kitchens

“I adopted a wonderful little girl from Ahimsa! They are a great organization and are the epitome of compassion and love for all animals!”

Greg Fetzer

“Teresa Morton’s passion to help these animals is beyond amazing. We adopted Cindy and Spike separately. They are so happy together. Thanks Ahimsa – you deserve all that is good.”

John Terry

“This is the most wonderful and caring shelter I have ever been associated with. Their follow-up with me and Alex, my Golden Lab who came from AHIMSA, is wonderful. We still stay in contact. And when the time comes for a new friend I will visit AHIMSA again.”

Kim Vann

“Awesome shelter!”

Amy Brown

“Two Ahimsa volunteers drove our sweet, newly adopted Old English Sheepdog, Lexy to our home in Montana from Oklahoma. What kind, dedicated volunteers Ahimsa has! They are the best.”

Tara Cain

“This is a well ran shelter where the animals always come first. They do great work and are wonderful people.”

Kaye Neal

“The Best adoption rescue center I’ve found! The animals are truly loved and well taken care of!”

Amy Root

“Ahimsa is the most thorough shelter I have ever experienced. They truly have the animals’ best interest in mind when adopting them to forever families. I love our Byron. It is my understanding that Ahimsa took him back several times before we adopted him. Thank you Ahimsa Rescue.”

Jeannie Jaros

“Ahimsa Rescue demonstrated superior compassion and care when I adopted my Cairn terrier from half-way across the country. Teresa continues to provide valuable guidance and suggestions months after the adoption whenever I have questions. Clearly Ahimsa is devoted to the care of lost and abandoned animals and is in a class of it’s own.”

Terra Harmon

“It is obvious that Ahimsa Rescue really cares! They did an extensive background check on my husband and me. They have even followed up with our vet and us to make sure our Mae girl is being taken care of.”

Niki Johnson

“We adopted our great puppy, Ivy, from Ahimsa! It was a wonderful experience and they are great people doing fantastic things!”

Kara Gaylor

“Teresa is so passionate about her work and takes great care of her rescues! She has a sound screening process and follows up on her adoptions. I was able to adopt the most amazing Weimaraner from her and my life will be forever blessed because she saved him!”

Rachel Ray

“We adopted our dog, Sophie, through Ahimsa. We had a wonderful adoption experience, and this organization truly cares for animals!”

Ann Bartlett

“This rescue is fantastic! They feed all their animals holistic pet food. I adopted my wonderful puppy, Cooper, from Ahimsa Rescue.”

Debbie Peak

“We adopted our little dog, Dinah, from this shelter. It is an amazing place.”

Andy Arlotta

“Teresa and the Morton family have some of the biggest hearts I have ever seen. They make sure that the dogs are healthy, safe, and happy. They make sure that these dogs are adopted by families that care for the dogs in the same way. Every time they adopt and shelter they are touching the lives of many in a very good way. I have seen it first hand.”

Abe Nutt

“Wonderful caring lady. Great facility.”

Dr. Kris Gast

“Ahimsa Rescue is the best!”

Nancy Smith

“I live in New Mexico and have 8 rescued dogs and 3 rescued cats. Five of the dogs are from Ahimsa Rescue. These folks are doing an incredible job! The animals are well cared for, clean, well fed, and happy. No animal is turned away.”

Mary Rauch

“I own one of these beautiful creatures from Ahimsa. It is the only no-kill shelter in 14 counties, run by a generous, loving, family. It is comparable to any shelter you will find in any city. They are renovating a former nursing home for their new shelter and need help.”

Diane Cianci

“Teresa goes out of her way to find animals good homes and even checks on them later. I have the most wonderful chocolate lab from Ahimsa Rescue.”

Linda Fancher

“We adopted one of our dogs from Ahimsa. They are a wonderful, loving, compassionate, rescue completely dedicated to caring for animals in need.”

Brittany Shepherd

“I adopted a dog from this shelter and this is the best shelter I have seen. They are devoted to taking care of their animals”

Sue Reeves

“We adopted a lab from this wonderful shelter and fostered another who fast became our lab number two. Mother Theresa and Don are the most unselfish and dedicated shelter operators that we have ever dreamed could exist. They give their lives to these pets that would have otherwise been euthanized.”

Gary Lookebill

“We love animals and have been 30+year friends with the Morton’s. Their devotion to animals is unsurpassed. They are the best!”

Kristin Randall

“I adopted Jake, the best dog ever from Ahimsa Rescue. My parents, Ken & Paula Kimberling, were his foster mom and dad and I couldn’t bear him having any home besides ours. It takes truly kind and loving people to be foster moms and dads, and it takes truly special people like the Mortons to give so much of their time and love, not to mention money, to animals that others discarded like trash. Thank you Ahimsa and all of the wonderful foster moms and dads who, pet by pet, truly make a difference.”

Bryan Klinger

“Really nice people doing all they can to love and find homes for unfortunate animals.”

Lori Whitson

“My mother and I filled a void in our family. These are truly blessed people who help the animals and the people who adopt them”

Kate Preston

“Loving people – first rate care”

Janet Luttrell

“Ahimsa Rescue is super and save so many “unwanted” animals.”

Joe Henderson

“Only passionate and caring people at Ahimsa Rescue.”

Sandy My 4-Ever Friend Dog Training

“Ahimsa Rescue is a shelter run by people who are passionate about their cause!”

E.H. Backstrom

“I adopted 2 wonderful dogs from Ahimsa Rescue. The rescue was very impressive and the care was superb.”

Cathey Hunnicutt

“This is a wonderful shelter.”

Don Wortham

“They do an excellent job in caring for and placing animals.”

Cheryl Nelson

“Ahimsa Rescue has a reputation of doing great things for animals and the people who love them”

Deborah Goad

“This shelter is hard working and the whole community loves this shelter.”

Ruthann Gacey

“Ahimsa Rescue does such marvelous work taking care of the animals.”

BJ Landis

“I got my wonderful doggie from them! He is just so wonderful and such a great companion! Such an animal could be lost without resources like Ahimsa!”

Gretchen Casto

“I adopted one of my Golden Retrievers from Ahimsa Rescue. He was well taken care of while at Ahimsa Rescue and fed holistic pet food.”

Kyra Jenner

“Ahimsa Rescue has the utmost concern for proper placement of their dogs.”

Elisa Bowlet

“Ahimsa Rescue takes exceptional care of the animals in their care”

Chris Shipley

“Because of Teresa’s concern and commitment, we have a sweet little beagle named Jax. Thanks, Teresa!”

Charlene Eason

“I got my Sophie from Ahimsa Rescue, and they do a wonderful job with the animals.”

Pamela Mixon

“Wonderful shelter.”

Drew Harmon

“Teresa is as good as it gets when it comes to taking care of the little guys and gals at Ahimsa.”

Kathleen Blankinship

“Ahimsa Shelter truly cares about the animals it takes in, and the people running the shelter do everything in their control to help animals.”

Jessica Hayes

“Ahimsa Rescue does great work.”

Beverlee Asbill

“Ahimsa Rescue does great work for the animals and the community.”

David Shoop

“Ahimsa Rescue has genuine compassion for these animals.”

Barbara Williams

“I got a very loving dog from Ahimsa Rescue 19 months ago. These people are very loving kind people to animals.”

Nancy McClanahan

“I have adopted 2 precious dogs from ahimsa they are wonderful and do a fabulous job”

SaLessa Jones

“I help out with the animals at the shelter and know how much they have done to give each animal a chance at something better in life.”

Michele Osburn

“The family behind Ahimsa Rescue took over caring and finding animal loving volunteers for these wonderful pet angels who in the past were being so poorly treated before dying or being killed at the city pound. They have helped so many pet angels and their new forever friends find happiness together.”

Sherry Forrester

“I got my precious Devon from Ahimsa Rescue. They are good people and go out of their way to help.”

Vicky Rockford

“Ahimsa Rescue is doing great work.”

Diane Welch

“We adopted our precious little beagle, Juliet, from Ahisma. It is a wonderful and compassionate place.”

Irene Webb

“We adopted a beautiful, loving Saint Bernard (Luke) now named Bogie. He has been such a joy to us and our animal family of three other rescues. Ahimsa is a wonderful rescue organization that needs all our support for the fabulous rescue work they do.”

Don Clack

“They are really great people doing a wonderful thing.”

Evelyn Barnett

“We adopted Russ from Ahimsa Rescue – or maybe he adopted us – anyway, he’s our constant companion. The shelter does an outstanding job.”

Carol Phillips

“I adopted Cody from Ahimsa Rescue. Thanks to the extraordinary care they had given Cody in the early years of his life he is now in training to be a search and rescue dog. They really care about the animals they take in and go to great lengths to place them in loving homes.”

Jason Hill

“Ahimsa Rescue cares about all animals and their owners.”

Jadon Bernhardt

“They are helping so many of our furry friends find loving homes!”

Kathy LaBouff

“I adopted my dog, Jolie, from Ahimsa Rescue. They are a great place and place dogs in good homes.”

Andee Burleigh

“I adopted a fabulous dog and am so grateful to ahimsa for their extraordinary dedication and loving kindness to so many animals in need.”

Jade Obregon

“I adopted my dog from Ahimsa. They are wonderful people who truly care about the well being of animals.”

Rose Garrett

“We love our dog, Holly. She’s a part of the family. Ahimsa is always there for us if we ever have concerns or questions about our Holly.”

Susan Barbour

“Ahimsa Rescue is top notch and truly cares about animals.”

Bill Day

“Ahimsa does a great job of matching pets with people, and make sure the animals have a good life.”

Douglas Shadell

“I have been a volunteer at Ahimsa for several years and know personally what wonderful things happen there each day.”

Jan Hudspeth

“Ahimsa is doing a great job.”

Kenneth Kimberling

“We are a foster home for Ahimsa and know that Ahimsa is totally dedicated to helping animals in need.”

Deborah Cohen

“Ahimsa Rescue is dedicated to the animals.”