If you are interested in adopting a dog from Ahimsa Rescue Foundation, please read the following information before you complete an adoption application:

Thank you for considering adopting a pet from Ahimsa Rescue. We want to place these dogs in homes where they will receive loving care for the rest of their lives. Please read the following points and think carefully about your ability to care for this dog for the next 10-15 years.

Responsibilities to Consider

If you adopt a dog, you should be prepared to be responsible for it the rest of its life which could be 10-15 years. Your dog will need loving attention every day. Is your family ready for a long-term commitment?

A pet is not a toy!

Pets are living creatures with personalities and needs of their own. If you don’t want a dog, please don’t get one just for your child! You will be the one paying the vet bills, you will be buying food and supplies, and you will be caring for the dog when your child grows up and becomes involved in other activities. If you don’t want a dog, you could offer your child a frog, fish, hamster, or other small animal that requires less money, and training.

Puppies are very cute, but it takes hours and hours of patient training to housetrain your puppy and teach him/her not to chew forbidden items, nip people, and jump on people. All these behaviors can be curbed, but that takes a lot of work. Trainers say it requires nearly 2,000 repetitions of a behavior for a dog to completely absorb it. Are you willing to spend lots of time training a puppy? Will it drive you crazy if puppy messes on your carpet, chews on your furniture, and asks to go out in the middle of the night? Adult dogs on the other hand generally housetrain quickly as they have the physical capacity to hold off elimination for longer periods. Adult dogs two years and older generally have outgrown chewing and other destructive behavior.

Adopting a “Perfect Dog”

The Perfect Dog is an enticing fantasy pooch. It is the dog that instantly learns to pee outdoors, never menaces or frightens children, plays gently with other dogs, won’t jump on people, never rolls in gross things, and never chews anything not meant for him. This dog does not exist. The peddling of Perfect Dogs amounts to a multi-billion dollar business in the United States.

A surprise gift of a pet can be a terrible mistake

Pets are a big responsibility, and it’s not fair to “give” a person a responsibility they’re not expecting. The person you give the dog to will have to spend thousands of dollars over the years on vet care and food. The dog’s owner will need to spend time with the animal every day. Please don’t place a living creature in the hands of someone who may not want him or be willing to spend time and money on him.

Financial Considerations

Routine vet care costs $100-200 per year, and emergency care can run over $1,000. Are you willing to spend this much money on dog care? Quality food for small dogs can cost $10-20 per month. Food for a larger dog could cost $20-40 per month. Are you willing to spend this much money per month on dog food?

Cost to Adopt

Ahimsa Rescue Foundation is a non-profit 501.3c organization and your donation is tax deductible. Each dog incurs individual vet care and the donation fee is based on what each dog needs. All dogs are spayed or neutered; tested for heartworms, ehrlichiosis, A Phagocytophilum and lyme disease; is on monthly heartworm preventative; up-to-date on vaccinations; treated for parasites, and microchipped. The fee to adopt a pet is normally between $150.00-$250.00. Adoption fees are individual to each pet and veterinarian fees incurred. Ahimsa is an all-volunteer staff. There is no one who gets paid, so your donation is what helps these dogs have a healthy life and find loving homes. Besides the adoption donation for individual dogs, any and all donations are gratefully accepted.

Proceed to the adoption application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a companion from Ahimsa Rescue. The first step of the process is to fill out and submit an application. Please remember some important points: Ahimsa Rescue’s only interest is in the safety and well-being of the pets in our care. We will take every step possible to ensure they are adopted to loving, forever homes. We take the time in processing each applicant to make sure we find suitable homes for these pets.

Once an application is submitted you should hear from the Adoption Committee within 24-48 hours if your application is approved.

This is sometimes delayed if we are unable to reach your references; please include email addresses for personal references whenever possible.

Please enter your information below:


    Your Information:

    Your Full Name (Required):
    Street Address:
    Zip Code:

    Phone numbers, including area code:

    Email (Required):
    ID number and name of the pet you are interested in

    Why do you wish to adopt this dog? (check all that apply)

    Companion animal for your or other family/household member
    Who is this animal intended to be a companion for?
    Companion animal for a pet presently in the home
    Which pet, please explain:
    A gift for someone IN the home
    Who, please explain:
    A gift for someone NOT in the home
    Who, please explain:

    Please feel free to expand the answers to any of these questions.

    Pet History:

    Have you owned pets in the past?
    Where are these animals now? Please, elaborate.
    Do you currently have any pets? Please list the name, species, breed, age, and gender of each.


    Please list the names and ages of all family/household members:
    Do you often have other people visiting your home?
    Other Children?
    Is everyone in the residence agreeable to adopting a rescued dog?

    Are you willing to:

    Teach young children the proper care and treatment of this dog?
    Always monitor young children with the dog? Even a rescued dog that has proven reliable around your children?
    Take the dog to a veterinarian at least once a year for a physical exam, vaccinations, and a heartworm check if recommended by your vet?
    Take this dog to a veterinarian if sick or injured?
    Welcome this dog into your family as a permanent family member?
    Return the dog ONLY to Ahimsa Rescue Foundation if for any reason you are unable to keep this dog as a member of your family?
    Maintain heartworm preventative medications throughout the dog's life?
    Standard medical care can cost $100 to $200 a year. Emergency care can cost hundreds of dollars. Are you willing to provide standard and emergency medical care for this dog?

    Have you given careful consideration to...

    The financial obligations of responsible pet ownership?
    The special needs, time, and the patience involved with having a new pet in the home?
    Why do you want to adopt a rescued dog at this time?


    Type of residence; house, condo, apartment, mobile home, live with parents:
    How long have you lived at this residence
    Do you own or rent your residence?
    If renting, is your landlord agreeable to you having this dog?
    If renting, a signed statement from your landlord must be received prior to adoption.
    Landlord's name, address, email, and phone number:
    Do you have a yard?
    Is it fenced?
    Partially or fully fenced? Please, explain
    Type of fence:
    Fence Height:
    Size of fenced area:
    Do you have a dog run or pen?
    Size of dog run or pen:
    Do you have a "dog cable/tie out" ?
    If yes please explain
    If you do not have a fenced yard, how will you take care of the dog's exercise and toilet duties?
    What kind of outside shade do you have for your dog?

    Care and training:

    My new dog shall live (check one):
    Inside only - Inside the house only let out to eliminateOutside only - Outside onlyOutside days, Inside nights - Outside during the day, inside the house at nightRun free - Trained and allowed to run freelyTied or chained - Tied or chained in the yard
    Where will this dog spend most of its time when you are at home?
    Where will this dog spend most of its time when you are not home?
    Where will this dog sleep at night?
    Who will take care of this dog while you work?
    Would you be willing to take this dog to obedience training?
    Do you agree to keep identification, including but not limited to a current rabies tag, on this dog at all times?
    Do you realize that a new dog will need time (approximately 4 to 6 weeks) to adjust to his/her new home?
    What kind of food will you feed your new dog?


    Veterinarian: Please, give the name, address, and phone number of your veterinarian.

    Date of the last visit to your vet:
    Individual's name on the account used as your reference:
    Do you provide your pet with heartworm preventive?
    If so what brand do you use?
    How often do you give heartworm preventive to your pet?
    Groomer: Please, give the name, address, and phone number of your groomer.
    Personal: Please, give personal references with names, addresses, phone numbers, and email address
    of individuals that are NOT related to you or living in your home.

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    NOTE: Complete information, including email addresses,
    helps facilitate your application in a timely manner.


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    Do you have any further comments you would care to make?
    How did you learn about Ahimsa Rescue Foundation?
    If Other


    Are you prepared to take responsibility for the dog for its lifetime of 15 to 20 years?
    There is absolutely no guarantee made or implied that any person requesting to adopt a dog being fostered through Ahimsa Rescue, or posted on the Ahimsa Rescue website, will receive approval to adopt a dog. Rather, all adoption applications are subject to acceptance based on a review process that may require collecting information from references and visiting the applicant's home. All decisions on placing dogs in adoptive and foster homes are based solely on the judgment of the volunteers and coordinators of Ahimsa Rescue. Adoption applications submitted through this form may be denied for various reasons. Ahimsa Rescue reserves the right to make all decisions regarding placement or final disposition of any rescued dog in its care whether in, or being placed in, a foster or adoptive home or other facility.

    By typing your name below and clicking the "Submit" button below you attest that you have read the above disclaimer, agree to the terms therein, and are at least (21) years of age. Furthermore you represent that the information you have provided on this form is the truth to the best of your knowledge and belief. By submitting this application you authorize Ahimsa Rescue to access your references.
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