2010 Adoption Tales

Bella - Mena, AR October

Charlie - OKC, OK October

Cowboy - Randolph, KS October

Elena - Muskogee, OK October

Enzo - Fayetteville, AR October

Homer - Washburn, IA October

Lydia - Decatur, AR October

Penelope - Decatur, AR October

Pugsley - Bella Vista, AR October

Sydney - Barling, AR October

Tiny - Muldrow, OK October





Teresa, Just wanted to let you know Ms. Dahlia is doing wonderfully!! We have fallen so in love with her and the same seems to be true of her. She's "Momma's shadow" and she and the boys (Stevie Ray and Ivan) get along so well. They play and play, sleep on each other (and us!). She's very spoiled, still living it up on our couch and she sleeps between us at night in our bed – there's barely enough space, but we absolutely love it! She even got her feet wet at the pond the other day while the boys were swimming. She has brought so much joy to our home and our hearts. Dahlia is wonderful and a Godsend! Thank you for taking care of her and all the other sweet souls and everything you do! Sincerely, Andrea D.


Alexis - Nashville, AR September



Hi Mommy T, I have had a very good week. I have learned how to go up and down the stairs all by myself - really fast. Also, I rode in my car seat to take Dad to work. Ben bought a really tasty "all natural" dog bone treat for me. I sure surprised him when I took care of that bone fast! I have explored and sniffed the entire house. It took me a while - but I think I've covered it all.These people also pet, scratch and kiss me a lot. So, I think their training is coming along really well. When Ben is home I sleep with him. When he goes to his other house I sleep with Mom & Dad. I will go visit his house soon - but Mom M wanted me to sniff all over this one first. Mom said I was cute enough to be on the cover of "Beautiful Puppies". Love, Dauphin/Jill

Domina - North Little Rock, AR September

Dorothy - Bella Vista, AR September

Jill - Baton Rouge, AR September

Lilly - Fort Smith, AR September

Lucille - Farmington, AR September

Sadie - Witchita, KS September

Spike - Bella Vista, AR September

Tilly - Elkins, AR September

Tina - Sallisaw, OK September

Tinkerbell - Fort Smith, AR September

Bert - Enid, OK August

Brittany - Little Rock, AR August

Dori - Van Buren, AR August

Ernie - Enid, OK August

Maggy - Alma, AR August

Mr. T August

Batman - Roland, OK August

Pepper August

Pumpki August

Sebastian - Muldrow, OK August

Tabitha - Sallisaw, OK August

Taylor - Sand Springs, OK August

Delilah - West Fork, AR July

Becka - Vian, OK July

Chloe - Sallisaw, OK July

Rolf - Lonsdale, AR July

Scout July

Tosha (Tilly) - Pine Bluff, AR July

Jadhwah - Muldrow, OK June

Jenny - Jay, OK June

Pixie - Arkansas City, KS June

Tanner - Jay, OK June

Tristan - Dallas, TX June

Vargo - Stilwell, OK June

Annika - Memphis, TN May

Harpo - Muldrow, OK May

Hugo - Springdale, AR May

Precious - Tulsa, OK May

Sammy - Broken Arrow, OK May

Yoshi - Fort Smith, AR May

Rana - Muldrow, OK June

Katie June

Socks - Vinita, OK June

Dahlia - Benton, AR June

Tabatha and Gabriel - Muldrow, OK May

Leo - Gans, OK May

Nashira - Norman, OK May

Buffy - Madill, OK April

Yoko - Midwest City, OK May

Yasmin - Fort Smith, AR May

Roxie - Fort Smith, AR May

Pip - Broken Arrow, OK April

BJ - Van Buren, AR May

George - Eureka Springs, AR May

Jackson - Dallas, TX May

Adrianna - Fort Smith, AR May

Gus - West Fort, AR May

Beau (was Kelsey) - Tulsa, OK May

Alexis - Muldrow, OK May

The Girls

The Boys

Dinah - Roland, OK April

Diamond - Pettigrew, AR April

Puff - Van Buren, AR April

Roxie - Tulsa, OK April

Logan - Norman, OK March

Cooper - Fort Smith, AR March

Ozzie - Fort Smith, AR March

Ono - New York, New York March


Hi Teresa, Ono plays and runs all day. He will start daycare on Monday. We love him so much. He is the light of our lives. He is learning all about house training (and doing really well) and learning to bite only his toys . He ended up sleeping in our bed... we couldn't stand how upset he got in his crate... he is a joy and all of New York city stops to tell us how cute he is! Thanks so much for checking on him and we will keep you updated on his progress. ~ Shanley

Cooper - Flower Mound, TX March

Tessa - DeQueen, AR March

Christopher - Porum, OK March

Stripe - Spiro, OK March

Quincy - Fort Smith, AR March

Rufus Reunited with his owner!

Cole - Muskogee, OK February

Fitzgerald - Fort Smith, AK February

Christina - Fort Smith, AR February

Benji, now Jasper

Harriet, now Bella

Harland, now Vincent
All three are now living together in Sallisaw, OK - February

Tabitha - Muldrow, OK February

Tina - Fort Smith, AR February

Kaley - Allen, OK February

Haley - Lavaca, AR February

Dot - Van Buren, AR February

Sam and Peter, adopted together! January

Dooley - Plano, TX January



Hi Teresa. Carl is doing great. He loved the holidays and enjoyed all the company and attention. He is doing really well with his obedience and as good as can be expected from a Rottie with retrieving. He does the bring it back to you twice and if you lose it again you are on your own trick. Heidi loves him as long as she gets treats first. They have romped in this snow until they are both exhausted. It's like toddlers, they have to go play in the snow, don't stay out long, come in to be dried off and then want back out again. Carl sticks to me like velcro and has spent a lot of time lying by the bed to keep me company. He is on heartworm prevention, weighs about 104lbs and still has the biggest feet of any dog in town. Our vets just love him. He is a great ambassador for Rottweilers. Have a happy New Year. ~ Julie



Hi Teresa. Buffy is doing awesome!!! She is the perfect dog for us! She has come out of her shell and fits right in! She's now even got a bark and protects us from anyone at the door. We just love her sooo much!!! She even did great on a five hour drive to Ft. Worth for Christmas! She was a perfect passenger! Thanks again for rescuing Buffy for us. She is the best!!! Hope you had a nice holiday! ~ Jessica

Simon - Tulsa, OK January

Camille - Tulsa, OK January

Dixie - Crawfordville, FL January

Piper - Nowata, OK January

Trixy - Harvest, AL January

Ariella - Albuquerque, NM January

Zach - Farmington, AR January

Monty - Oklahoma City, OK January