2011 Adoption Tales

Greetings from Zipp Taylor in OK
Adopted Zeff and baby Beau

Adopted Zeff and Baby Bellel
Greetings fromadopted Journey in Texas
Greetings from Sir Callaha, Lord McKinley and Frostyfrom Las Vegas  

Merry ChristmasfromOzzie Torres and family

Greetings from adopted Dexter in AR

Greetings fromadopted Zach in Seattle, WA

Greetings fromadopted Dianah Peaks

Greetings fromadopted Beau Trump

Greetings fromadopted Carl Wilde

Greetings fromadopted Cody PhillipsSearch and Rescue 

Greetings fromadopted Gretta

Greetings fromadopted Trixi KhoryHarvest, AL

Greetings fromadopted Paul Porter

Greetings fromadopted Baxter PrzybyszFort Smith, AR

Greetings fromadopted George RosenquestNW. AR

Greetings fromadopted TundraFort Smith, AR

Greetings fromJudy and adopted BB
Dixie-December, 2011-Springfield, OK 

Confu-December, 2011-Tulsa, OK
Athena-December, 2011-Rogers, AR 

Arissa/IrisDecember, 2011-Rogers, AR 

Grant-December, 2011-Bixby, OK

Griffin-December, 2011-Broken Arrow, OK

Dakota-December, 2011-Fort Smith, AR

Pippa-December, 2011-Bethany, OK

Holly-December, 2011-Muldrow, OK

Phoebe-December, 2011-Coweta, OK

Ella-December, 2011Salina, OK

Mitzi-December, 2011-Checotah, OK

Arley-December, 2011-Amarillo, TX

Cooper-Pottsville, AR-November, 2011

Grace-December, 2011-Tuttle, OK

Macey-December, 2011Checotah, OK
Greetings from happily adopted Tyler
and family
Hi Teresa,
Just wanted to give you an update on Tyler, since it's been awhile!
Tyler is still doing great!! He's 7 yrs old now, happy and healthy! And he still has his pack-mates, Kobi and Sis, too. Kobi is now 12 yrs old, and Sis is 6 yrs old.
Tyler got to be the ring bearer in my wedding in August 2010, and now he has an awesome Daddy that loves him just as much as I do. It was really neat to get to have him in my wedding, and it meant the world to me to have him carry the rings and sit next to me during the ceremony.
Tyler is a registered Therapy Dog with TDI (Therapy Dog International), and we do nursing home visits, when time allows, which he really enjoys. We are also very active at competing in AKC Agility Trials where he now competes at the Excellent level and is having so much fun! We travel to 10-12 agility trials each year in OK, KS, TX, MO, and AR. He has earned his AKC Companion Dog (CD) obedience title, and his AKC Rally Excellent (RE) title too.
We are also planning to start working on Tracking sometime soon, which I think he will really enjoy. Some of his other favorite activities are going hiking, going to the lake, and going fishing on the boat with his Daddy and I.
Tyler has been such a blessing in my life! He's taught me so much, and we've had so many wonderful adventures and new experiences together, and I just can't imagine my life without him! He's so precious to me!! He's my heart dog, and I thank you so much for allowing me to adopt him back in 2005.
I attached a few pics, but please feel free to stop by my FaceBook page anytime and browse my photo albums. There are tons of pics of Tyler in there, showing all the fun things we do together!! facebook.com/becki.sheets.klinger
Thanks again for doing all you do for the animals! Your compassion and dedication is such an inspiration!! You're an angel on earth!!
~Becki and Tyler
Tyler at mother Becki's wedding
Greetings from happily adopted Tyler
doing Therapy work
Greetings from Tyler and family
Greetings from happily adopted Wilfred
Greetings from happily adopted Enzo
and friend Baxter
Greetings from happily adopted Zach
and friend Annie
Hello from Journey-
Did you say Ghost?
Hello from Journey-This is more like it!
(new bed)
Greetings from happily adopted Yvette
Greetings from happily adopted Dauphin/Jill
Hello from happily adopted Sadie
Sadie in her new boat
Hello from happily adopted Lilly Ann
Greetings from happily adopted Dillon
Hello from happily adopted Buffy
Hello from Cody's
Search and Rescue Team
Hello from happily adopted Carl as he
helps to decorate for Halloween
Greetings from happily adopted Quenby/Simba
Greetings from happily adopted Charlie
Greetings from happily adopted Ozzie
Greetings from happily adopted Tundra/Tamika
Greetings from happily adopted Buffy
Ben-Bartlesville, OK-November, 2011
Tamika-Fort Smith, AR-November 2011
Angel-Muldrow, Ok-November 2011
Dooley/Shadoe-Rogers, AR-November 2011
Zelda/Hanna-Muskogee, OK-November, 2011
Madison-Roland, OK-November, 2011
marley-Muskogee, OK-November, 2011
Greetings from happily adopted Dillon
Titus/Clayton-Ozark, AR-November, 2011
McCloud-North Little Rock, AR-November, 2011
Tobias-Fort Smith, AR-November, 2011
Greetings from happily adopted Greta
Journey with her new ducky
Austin, TX
Ajax-Lincoln, NE-November, 2011
Kipp-Medina, OK -November, 2011
Greetings from happily adopted Annie and Harley
Guinevere/Journey-Austin, Texas-October, 2011
Eleanor-Booneville, AR-October, 2011
Adele-Wichita, KS-October, 2011
Greetings from happily adopted Blair
Annie Pearl-Fort Smith, AR-September, 2011

Grayson-Tulsa, OK-September, 2011
Baxter-Fort Smith, AR-September, 2011
Greetings from happily adopted Dianah
Springdale, AR-September, 2011
Sebastian-Tulsa, OK-September, 2011
Watson-Booneville, AR-Sept, 2011
Greetings from happily adopted
Qui Qui/Annie Pearl
Rosco-Fayetteville, AR-September, 2011
Murphy-Tulsa, OK-September, 2011
Brogan-Bixby, OK-September, 2011
Greetings from happily adopted Zip
Hello from Jack vacationing on the sandy beaches of Florida
Hello from Jack vacationing in the Gulf of Mexico
Lilly-Muldrow, OK-September, 2011
Greetings from happily adopted
Pitt Bull Zeff
Hi Teresa, Luke has turned into a great RV'ing dog. We spent the summer working at a campground in Massachusetts and "cute Luke" was a hit. He claimed ownership of the campground golfcart, no matter who was driving. He is a great dog and we feel very lucky to have adopted him.
Hi Teresa, Page (Priscilla) is presently on the Keweenaw Peninsula of northern Michigan. She is having great fun running throughout the woods, along the beach, playing in the sand, etc. Our cottage is only 100 feet from the rocky shores of Lake Superior, 100 feet down the lane around the corner is a mile long sand beach, called Great Sand bay. Blessings, Anne
Hello from happily adopted Page
vacationing on the Shores of Lake Superior
Hi Teresa, During this hot weather Jack has not only found that swimming in the pool is good for cooling off but also lying on a floating bed is not a bad alternative. He also likes to wear a cap to keep the bright sun and water reflection out of his eyes. Best wishes, Alan and Birgit
August, 2011
Hi Elizabeth, Wally and Mindy just graduated obedience training. Mindy was the fastest for" come here"Like 3.5 seconds everyone else was over 6.Wally won" find it" hands down the fastest of the group of 6 dogs.( he is a chow hound)We now move on to advance classes. We have also been asked to train Mindy as a therapy dog for nursing home visits. She is such a sweet dog as is Wally,and he was voted the dog most wanted to take home by everyone.
Hi Teresa & Elizabeth, Just giving you an update on Blair. She is the light of my life! She has been so adaptable and makes herself at home anywhere I take her. Everyone who meets her instantly loves her, she really doesn't give them a choice! Getting her was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is the most loyal, sweet, playful, and smart dog I could have asked for. Rachel
Hi Teresa and Elizabeth, Annie and Harley are doing great, fully integrated into the family. They are dearly love and probably a little spoiled. They want to be with us all the time and enjoy the attention they receive so much! They love to go on their daily walks, be petted and talked to, but mostly are just happy to be at our feet (or in the case of Harley, in one of our laps!) After this experience of adopting dogs, I'm not sure we'll ever have a puppy again. Thanks for all you do!
Simon-Booneville, AR-August, 2011
Greta-Grove, OK-August, 2011
Maxwell-Arkansas-August, 2011
Sadie-Tulsa, OK-August, 2011
'Maximus-Broken Arrow, OK-August, 2011
Maude-Van Buren, AR-August, 2011
Hope-Booneville, AR-August, 2011
Skip- Roland, OK-August, 2011

Suzette (now Midge)-Muldrow, OK-
August, 2011

Einstein (now Cowboy)-Muldrow, OK-

August 2011

Mattie-Grove, OK-

August, 2011

Viola (now Whitney)-Fort Smith, AR-

August, 2011

Shelti Lynn/ShellyBooneville, AR-Adopted: July 2011

Annabelle-Eagle Rock, MOAdopted: July 2011

Maxine-Eagle Rock, MOAdopted: July 2011

Lexi-Muldrow, OK-Adopted: July, 2011

T-Bird-Broken Arrow, OKAdopted: July 2011

Clancy-Oklahoma City, OK-Adopted: July, 2011

Pierre-Spiro, OK-Adopted: July 2011

Sammy-Sallisaw, OK-July 2011

Puff-Joplin, MO-Adopted: July, 2011

Shelby-Tahlequah, OKAdopted: July, 2011

Sebastian-Alma, ARAdopted: July 2011


#1211-Greenwood, AR-June 2011

Gucci-Conway,AR-June, 2011

Caine-Memphin, TN-June 2011

Baby, AR

Bono#1137-Van Buren, AR-June 2011

Maggie#1170Van Buren, AR-June 2011

Missy#1194-Fayetteville, AR-June 2011

Priscilla #1208-Bella Vista, AR-June 2011

Hi Teresa, We are currently in Florida on vacation--our first vacation with Jack. Jack loves swimming and chasing the birds, followed by a sleep on the boat!!



Caddie-Bartlesville, OK-June 2011

CobySearch and Rescue Team - October 12, 2010 ppreciation Letter from Member of Congress:Dear Carol: I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank you for the work you do. We are fortunate to have great search and rescue teams in Arkansas, and we often take for Granted that they will be able to handle any situation without fail. But, as you know, it is not possible without the right training and extreme dedication, as demonstrated by you, Steven Tankersley, and your dog Cody. The hard work certainly paid off earlier this year when you found Mr. Troy Wilcox after he was missing for six weeks in the winderness. ............Your training with Cody certainly paid off that day......Keep up the great work.Sincerely,John Boozman, Member of Congress

Hi Teresa, Ono is doing great! He is such a sweet dog...so playful, friendly and affectionate. He is learning lots of commands now and is really good at come, sit, down and stay. We love him so much and have so much fun with him. He dressed up as a "hotdog" for his daycare party and was voted "most friendly". He enjoyed the holidays at my parents lake house in Quebec. He loves the snow and loved running around up there. His favorite activity is playing with a ball. He would run after a tennis ball all day and bring it back all day long if he could!

Hi Teresa, I have to tell you the funniest story about McKinnley. He does not watch TV ever. The other day we are sitting on the bed watching TV, and I realize he is absolutely glued to the television. He was so enthralled that he did not even look up when I got off the bed, which is really odd because whenever I move he is at my side. Coby and I are watching him and wondered whta the heck and then we realized that he was watching the Oklahoma City Thunder play basketball! We about fell over because it was so bizarre!!! We decided to test something and changed the channel. Sure enough he stopped watching and could not care less but the minute we put the Oklahoma game back on he was glued to the TV again! We always tell people that they are Oklahoma Whisky hounds because you get whisky anywhere near them, and they are trying to sneak drinks of it! Gosh, I love those little monsters!!!
Hi Teresa and Elizabeth, Dillon and his sister Buffy won 1st place at the local Dogwalk. Dillon has a busy schedule as he goes to doggy daycare once a week, and we go to the dog parks as often as possible. He is going to start agility training in the fall. Thank you again for rescueing him and giving him such great, loving care! I'm so happy to have him in my life.

Quenby-Tulsa, OK-May, 2011

Toby-Greenwood, AR-May, 2011

Kate-Billings,MO-May, 2011

Bono-May 2011

Hey Guys, It's been almost one year since I left Ahimsa Rescue and what a big adventure it has been! Mom and Dad have taken me from New York to the Arizona deserts, from Seattle to Miami and everywhere in between. I have played submarine commander in the snow drifts of Minnesota and got close to sniffing our Bigfoot in Oregon. Mom and Dad call me Indiana Bones after that guy in the movies that cracks the whip. They say it fits my big new adventures.Love Indie, aka Katie

Wilford-Fort Smith, AR-May, 2011

Yvette-Harrison, AR-May, 2011

Emelio/Mango-Reeds Springs, MO-May, 2011

Winston-Muldrow, OK-April, 2011

Sadie-Fort Smith, AR-April, 2011

Liza-Fort Smith, AR-April, 2011

Vinny - Fayetteville, AR-May, 2011

Clifford/Jack-Tulsa, OK-April, 2011

Chloe-Tulsa, OK-April, 2011

Wally- Tulsa, OK-April, 2011

Sabra/Pepper-Rogers, AR-April, 2011

Lola-Hot Springs, AR-April, 2011

Ivan-Rogers, AR-April, 2011

Carl-Eureka Springs, Ar-April, 2011

Sara-Conway, AR-April, 2011

Dirk-Tulsa, OK-March, 2011

Balder-Tulsa,OK-March, 2011

Kip-Fort Smith, AR-March, 2011

Dahlia-Hot Springs, AR-March, 2011

Annie-Fayetteville, AR-February, 2011

Kelsey-Greenwood, AR-March, 2011

Selina-Fort Smith, AR-March, 2011

Trey-Reunited with Guardian-March, 2011

mina - Tulsa, OK-February, 2011

Erica - Benton, AR-February, 2011

Fergi - Fort Smith, AR-February, 2011

Ginger - Van Buren, AR-February, 2011

Harley - Fayetteville, AR-February, 2011

Heidi - Paris, AR-February, 2011

Kikkan - Poteau, OK-February, 2011

Lydia - Muldrow, OK-February, 2011

Nally - Fort Smith, AR-February, 2011

'Boots - Omaha, NE-January, 2011

Elliott - Cameron, OK-January, 2011

Kate - Claremore, OK-January, 2011

Leo - Muldrow, OK-January, 2011

Noah - Muldrow, OK-January, 2011

Sassy - Muldrow, OK-January, 2011

Tori - Muldrow, OK-January, 2011

Whiskey - Sand Springs, OK-January, 2011