Emergency Care

Dog and cat CPR

What would you do if your dog or cat should suddenly stop breathing or went into cardiac arrest?  What if your pet was choking on a foreign object like a piece of a toy or other small object?

Being prepared with knowledge, the knowledge to administer CPR and the Heimlich maneuver could save your pet's life.  Download, print, and, read the brochure then contact your veterinarian for specific details it covers.

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Download, print, and learn how to do Dog and Cat CPR today. Don't wait until you need this information.  It will be to late if you wait.

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NOTICE:  Permission to make the Animal CPR brochure directly available from our website has been granted Lori Feldman, DVM.  Please, do not change or alter the brochure in any way.

Lori H. Feldman, D.V.M., Henry J. Feldman, M.D., (c) 1996

Dr. Feldman is a Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York Licensed Veterinarian and a member of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. This document is primarily aimed at EMS and Emergency Medical personnel who may encounter animals in arrest.

Pet owners should consult their veterinarian for specific details on procedures outlined in the brochure.