Adoption Tales

We strive to find the most perfect, loving homes possible for the pets that come into rescue with us. Our successes are due to the joint efforts of our volunteers and the individuals that adopt and take these deserving pets into their homes and lives.

We love hearing from our adopters with tales and stories of them and their newest family members. Pictures and "Adoption Tales" may be submitted any time after a pet has been adopted. Follow up reports, stories and tales are also welcome.
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2005 Adoption Tales


Rocky is doing extremely well.  He really loves to cuddle at night and play all day long.  He frequently plays with my moms dog Maui who is a short haired border collie.  Rocky makes sure to never miss out on anything at all and everyone just loves him.  I think he now understands that we are his forever home, and I hope he is as excited as we are. 

Again.. Thank you for helping us to find Rocky.   He is the best part of 2005 for us for sure. We will continue to keep in touch.

~  Sincerely, Autumn


Annie is going great.  She is good in the house. I don't  know If I am housebroke or she is.

She is a very active and affectionate dog. We are getting along great and she sleeps with me all night.

My missing slipper is still on amber alert! 

~    Sincerely, Lois Folks 

PETEE (formerly Pongo)

Pongo (now Petee) is doing great!   He knows sit, paw, come here, and "no."  He's getting good at fetch and drop.  He just recently started going to the door and barking once to let us know he needs to go out.  "Stay" and "lie down" are coming too.  He understands them when he wants to...He's so wonderful though! 

We really are having so much fun with him.  His hair is really curly!  It's too cute!  

Thanks for everything!   ~ Sarah, Adam, and Petee


Things with Timothy are great.  He continues to be a sweet and loving pup that is really into the training!  Puppy classes don't start until January, so I've been reading The Power of Positive Dog Training and working with him daily.  He loves it!  He has learned sit, down, spin, twirl, stand and does them consistently, of course with treats.  We working on Come, which he is already my little shadow, so this is going well.  He loves Gus and practically mauls him with kisses every chance he gets.  Gus is going to have to work on training him too, so he learns to treat him more like a master than a sibling.  

Overall, I'm so in love with this little guy and am amazed at how quickly he's bonding with us and how good he is with other dogs and strange people.  I'm just so proud of him and am grateful to you for taking such good care of him.  I think it has truly helped this transition.  Thank you.   ~ Emily

Adopted November 5, 2005

We're doing great.  Logan is one smart dog!  He has had some obedience training.  He spends more and more time by my side.  He continues to bond with me and rarely lets me out of his sight. He's very social and calm. 

Logan says to tell you he's happy here and he appreciates the care and love you gave him.   Later,   ~ Jim, Bear, and Logan

"Best Buddies"
Annie (left) and Ren (right)

Adopted October 23, 2005

Oh my gosh, I don't know how we got along without Ren.  He is such a joy.  He and Annie play all the time.  He wear's Annie out.  He is so curious about our cat, Kiki.  He wants to play with her too. She doesn't want anything to do with him. 

Ren is such a delight.  You were right he loves just about everything.  I have not had one complaint since he has joined our family.

I tell everyone I know about what you do for the animals.  I have a lot of respect and admiration for what you do.  I wish the very best for you and your family.  Keep up the good work!    ~ Susie 

Adopted October 5, 2005
NOTE:  Ahimsa Rescue Volunteers, Tommy and Rose Marie Murphy,
drove Lexy 1360 miles (one way) to her new home in Billings, MT.

Lexy, Tommy & Rose Marie arrived about 6 p.m. our time.  Lexy is beautiful.  She was sad to see Tommy and Rose Marie go and has gone a few times to stand by the front door but she seems to be relaxing with us.  We have all received bushels of kisses and hugs from her.  She doesn't want to stay outside too long even with us out with her but she is exploring the house and getting comfortable.  We watched some TV and she settled right down either lying at our feet while we scratched her head and neck or half sitting with us with her head in someone's lap. She is doing a very good job of spreading herself around and not letting anyone feel left out.  Bill's parents came over to meet their new grandpuppy and she charmed them completely and immediately.  Our Bichon, Max, seems to be very accepting of her although I don't think Lexy thinks much of him.  She is more interested in the people than the dogs (my in-laws brought their little poodle). She is so graceful and delicate.  What a lady! We are enchanted to say the least.  We are very grateful to you and to the Murphys for bringing Lexy into our family.   ~   Thank you, Amy 

I must admit I was worried about how Lexy would react to another female dog in the house.  We got Dixie Saturday night and each day is better and better.  She is outside playing with Dixie right now.  They romp around the back yard like puppies.  They even try to get Max in on the action although he is not so sure.  My mother-in-law's poodle is with us for a few days--he is the star.  Everyone wants to play with Sparky!  It is so much fun!  Our house is happy again.  Thank you for bringing this girl into our lives.     ~ Amy

Adopted October 5, 2005

The first couple of days I was a little concerned as Honey wasn't too crazy about Austin.  They even had a couple of little spats but nothing serious.  I think Austin has established himself as not being a guy who can be bossed around.  Now, they play together and are getting along wonderfully.   We are very happy with the way things are going.  Both my husband and I are very fond of Austin.  He's here to stay! 

Thanks again.  

LUCY (formerly Eve)

The puppies are doing great. We've heard from our neighbor that she sees the two of them run and play pretty much all day long when Jason and I are at work. They have become pretty good buddies. We did change her name to Lucy. She just skips along next to Miles wanting to do everything he does. They are so cute. She has gotten bigger but not as much bigger as I was expecting. Her legs are longer than Miles' but she isn't really much bigger than him at all right now.  She is doing very well.   ~ Mandy

Adopted September 5, 2005

Spike is eating and drinking well; he has gained weight and now weighs 5 lbs.  He is loving being around my other babies Chester and Stoli.  Please share and tell everyone he is getting tons of love.   

~ Take care,  Greg and Paul

Adopted September 2005

The trip home was wonderful. Shawn decided to get in the back with him so they could "Bond", and did they ever!  Byron is very attached to Shawn. The meeting with Moose (family German Shepherd)  went fine. By Tuesday they were playing with each other in the back yard. Moose loves to wrestle and romp and it seems like Byron does too. They have such a good time together. We were very surprised to see how big Byron is compared to Moose. We always thought Moose was so big! They seem like they are going to be good buddies and we love having Byron in our home. He is catching on to our routine very quickly!  ~ The Roots

Adopted September 2005

Andrew (still pondering his name) did very fine on the way to Tulsa.   When we arrived at my friend's house around 11:30 p.m., they played a bit, and then we put them in the crate together for the night.  It took awhile for Bella (our other adopted puppy) to settle, but they did very well and stayed quiet until about 7:40 a.m. After a nice run/play session in my friend's large fenced yard, we headed for home about 9:30 a.m.  He traveled very well and quietly the whole way.  Bella was also very calm and slept most of the way home (after a very exciting day on Sunday!).  We got to McPherson around 1:15 p.m.  My kids were thrilled to finally meet Andrew.  We then took him to visit my husband's office so he could meet him also.  A student of his thinks Andrew may have some golden retriever in him...which now seems very clear to me as well. 

Andrew now at our home, had a romp in the yard again, had some lunch, and is laying at my feet chewing on a toy and resting.  He has done very well and been very calm and loving with the kids and very patient with Bella.  I don't think Bella has ever had much of a chance to socialize with other dogs before now.  I think that Andrew will turn out to be a very wonderful addition to our family, and am looking forward to seeing how he settles in over the next few weeks.

~  Thanks again for everything, and we'll be in touch,  Deb

Adopted September 2005

Sept. 11, 2005:  Baylee is wonderful and we are so happy to have him.  Our first stop was at the lake where Baylee met his Grandma Shelley.  She followed him around as he investigated every inch of her cabin.  Baylee had a lively and exhausting romp with her lab, Cody. We are home now.  Baylee has been into everything, but it is so cute, I just take away the things he is not supposed to have, and then I take them away again.  He is very curious about Bob (our other dog), but Bob has not completely warmed up yet.  Bob just looks down from his chair at him not quite sure what to think.  It usually takes a little while with Bob, but he always warms up.

Baylee loves the yard.   He runs around full speed with that lack of grace that makes every puppy so adorable.  He spent a great deal of time running from me with my rain boot in his mouth.  We love him so much already and are very thankful to have him in our family.  I will keep you updated as we adjust, but we are finding our niche already.  Please take care.    ~ Kara

Sept. 13, 2005:  Baylee is all puppy and is terrorizing us on a constant basis, which makes us love him even more.  He knows no bounds and has assumed his spot on the sofa, bed and every other place of prominence in the house.  We will keep you posted on all of Baylee's upcoming adventures. Take care,   ~ Kara
Sept. 17, 2005:  Just wanted to let you know Baylee is doing great.  I had to stay in Little Rock this weekend so I brought Baylee to work with me.  He really enjoys the view from the 19th floor and all of the other Saturday slaves are keeping him very entertained.  I'm not sure how much work is actually getting done.  He has also taken a brief nap on the sofa across from my desk.  He is making him self right at home, but I don't see a legal career in his future.  Not enough excitement.  We took him to our vet and she absolutely loves him.  She totally agreed with the homeopathic remedies.  Baylee feels wonderful and ensures Buck and I get our cardio every day.  I hope you and all your puppies are doing well.  We'll talk to you soon.   ~ Kara

Adopted September 2005

Chance & Koko made it home just fine. They were wonderfully well behaved in the Jeep. You wouldn't have know they were back there, but once when I looked back to check on them they both had their heads resting on the backseat looking forward. Really sweet.

Chance already knows how to fetch the frizbee and Koko is catching on to it some too. This morning (at 5am) I went out to play with them some more. Guess you can tell I'm totally taken with them both!    ~ Karen

Adopted September 2005

I think Scooter is doing fantastic.  I do not think there has been a time when he seemed unhappy.  He always has someone loving on him, and during the weekend he is with me almost all of the time.  He seems really happy with us.  I do not sit down without him crawling in my lap.  He is usually not a step behind when I am up doing things.  Please feel free to come by anytime.  The weather has been so pretty, we have walked around the neighborhood, and we have been going to the park.   
~ Thanks, Cheryl


I just want to tell you once again thank you so much for Stella. She is the best dog I have ever come across. My in laws adore her although she is not very fond of their old guy. She was wonderful in the van, slept in between the 2 little ones. She has been a dream. She sleeps next to the bed in my room and for the first time in awhile I actually got some sleep.  This morning she has been brushed and we played catch with a tennis ball for a few minutes but its getting warm already so we decided to  come in and have a bone.

Thank you, again.

Adopted August 2005

Gretchen is a precious baby. We can't say thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to bring her into our home and add to our little family.

Honestly, Gretchen didn't seem nervous at all last night. I think we were more nervous about the introductions than she was. We introduced the dogs one at a time and after a fair bit of them sniffing in circles, everyone seemed like old friends. Following the introductions, we brought her in the house on the leash and gave her the grand tour. She promptly jumped on the bed and made herself right at home. Needless to say, we had a bed full last night. Sugar in the middle, Gretchen on one side, and Murphy at the foot of the bed. We determined very quickly that we wouldn't be needing the electric blanket this winter.

Sugar just absolutely loves Gretchen. We had thought that maybe the two ladies might need a bit of coaxing in order to get them to socialize, but they have been playing without any problems. Murphy thinks he's in love; however, Gretchen was quick to tell him that she wasn't interested in the slick moves he was trying to put on her and she established very quickly that she was the queen of the house. Nothing overly aggressive, she just made sure that he understood that she was the dominant one in the family now and that she was not "that kind of girl".

Thanks again for such a wonderful new addition to the family. We will keep you updated, and I will be sending photos later on of Gretchen and the whole family.    ~Tim and LaTisha

September 2005:
All of the babies have been getting along very well and Gretchen continues to make herself right at home. We see more of her personality every day.  She is now playing with all of the toys that we bought for her, and she and Murphy seem to be having a wonderful time when we take them outside. They both love to fetch and then play their own little game of keep away to see who can get the toy back to us quicker.  You had mentioned when we adopted her that she had never been around any livestock. You would have never known that she wasn't raised on a farm.  She doesn't mind the ducks, geese, or chickens, and accompanies Tim when he feeds and gathers eggs. A few days after we brought Gretchen home, she staked her claim on Tim's recliner, and it has been her chair ever since. Gretchen received a clean bill of health from Dr. Falconer.  He was very pleased with all of the information and records that you had given me.  She's finished with her medication and we will be transitioning her to Interceptor this month. 

Thanks again for allowing us to adopt a Gretchen.  With her sweet personality, I can't imagine why someone wouldn't be completely devastated to part with such a wonderful girl.  You will never have to worry about her being without a loving family ever again.     ~  Sincerely, LaTisha

Adopted August 2005

Harrington is doing great. He and Kenzie slept most of the way home, and now he is adjusting to his new environment. We have been playing in the backyard some and even invited the neighbor dog over to play (he is only a couple of years old and much more playful than Kenzie). After playing, Harrington had to take a short nap. Kendra just came by to check on him and brought her 8 year old son, Chris.  Chris and Harrington hit it off pretty well and did some serious playing. He has let me know twice when he needed to go out and the stairs on the back porch don't seem to bother him at all. He really seems to be adjusting well and you were right, he is a great boy!!       ~ Thanks, Staci

Tyler, on the left, with Becki and Kobi

Adopted August 2005

Tyler has been such a good boy. We haven't had any accidents in the house yet at all! The first night, he woke me up at 4am licking my face so I got up and let him out. Last night, he slept all night without waking me up to go out. He loves being in the house and he took over Kobi's couch right away! He is already barking when visitors come.

He has gone for rides in the car a few times to meet my mom and dad at their house, and my sister, her husband and kids at their house. He behaves like a perfect gentleman when visiting and he rides great in the car!

We have also been working on "roll over, "turn around", and "shake". He and Kobi are getting along well for the most part. I think Kobi gets a little jealous at times because Tyler will come up and wedge in between Kobi and me for attention. But they run and play in the backyard. Tyler has fetched the tennis ball and brought it back to me several times already!

Tyler has been really good in the house too, except for the teeth marks on one of my flip-flops!! So now all my shoes are in the closet! He is very eager to please and very affectionate! Today he was feeling more comfortable in his new environment and I could see some more of his personality coming through. I'm sure I will be learning more and more about him as time passes.

He is a little darling and everybody that has met him just loves him.     ~ Becki, Tyler, and Kobi

September 4, 2005:
Tyler is doing great! I have also enrolled him in Obedience Class and he starts that on Monday! I am very excited as this will be my first Obedience Class too, so I'm sure we will learn a lot!! He already knows his 'sit' and 'down' and he does real well on his 'heel', but the 'stay' is going to be the hard one. He just wants to 'stay' as close to me as he can all the time! So we've got our work cut out for us there!

Tyler got to go to the farm a couple of weeks ago to help pick sweet corn, and he just loved running through the corn field out in the wide open! There were so many new sounds and smells! He was a little nervous about it at first, but once he got his nose to the ground, he was off exploring in no time!

Tyler and Kobi are getting along great and Tyler just loves the cats too. He follows them around to see what they are up to and sometimes he will nudge them with his nose. He has only tried to chase them a couple of times. I have made Tyler a website.      

Licks and Wags to you!!    ~ Becki, Tyler, Kobi, and kitties

October 2005:

We have been going to Obedience classes for 4 weeks now and this week, Tyler was the STAR of his class!!   We had been working on his sit/stay and down for this week's class, and Tyler nailed his sit/stay every time at class Monday night!  I was so proud of him!!  At the end of the class, the instructors asked me to tug on his leash to see if he would move or get up.   Well, I tugged left and right, and I tugged up and down, and Tyler just sat there like a rock!!  It was great!  There was only 1 other dog in class that could do that!  Tyler will also hold his stay if I drop the leash and walk circles around him!  I can even drop the leash and walk far away from him and he will still hold his stay!!  What a good boy!!  He does just as well on his down/stay already too!!  

We go for a training walk for at least an hour every day (almost).  Tyler really looks forward to that!   I also tried him on the slide at the park the other day and he went right up the steps and ran right down the slide and ran around to do it again!!  He really thought that was fun!!


Tyler and Kobi are still best buds.  They have a new game now that they play about twice a day.  They will run laps around the yard at top speed together.  Then when Kobi gets tired and sits down in the middle of the yard, Tyler will do "fly-by"s as fast and as close to Kobi as he can get!  It is really funny to watch! Tyler and Kobi also have regular wrestling sessions in the living room too.  It is just so great to see Kobi playing like a puppy again!  He never could play that way with Ollie, so I am just so happy that he has such a wonderful playmate now! 

Tyler and Emily (one of the kittens) have also become great buddies here lately.  They will roll around on the floor together or get in the chair together and just play and play!  Tyler is so gentle with her and she just loves the attention! Tyler also has a really good buddy named Red (a pit bull/mastiff mix puppy).  They ride to class together every week and they also get together for walks and play dates.  Red is only 5 or 6 months old and is already way bigger than Tyler.  But Tyler just pounces him and rolls him to the ground and pins him down like nothing!   And Red just lets him!  They really have a great time!


Tyler is so incredibly smart!!  He just continues to amaze me!!  Take care and thanks again for letting Tyler into my life!  He's truly given me so much joy!!         ~ Becki, Tyler, Kobi, and Kitties

Adopted August 2005

Things are going great with Blair. He is starting to settle down a little bit.  The first few days he constantly wanted to play with our other dog, Ike.  I think he was wearing Ike out!

We found out that he is sort of afraid of the dark. The first night we had him sleep in our living room and kitchen.  At first we only left on the tiny light above the stove, but he kept barking at seemingly nothing frequently so we turned on more lights and he was quite and went to sleep. Now he sleeps in the bedroom with us but we have to leave the hallway light on otherwise he is too anxious. He also will viciously bark at people if we walk him past dark but he doesn't really look at people if we walk him during the day. He is pretty funny.

He is drinking and eating great. He sure has a hardy appetite but that's to be expected with his size and how active he is.

We also discovered that he is a lot more destructive with his toys than Ike so we are going to get different, non cloth toys. He even chewed through our somewhat durable rope toy.  Unfortunately the cloth ball you gave us didn't make it... Blair decided he wanted to see what it looked like on the inside! But the plastic ball is holding up and they play with it a lot.

I officially introduced our cat into the dog part of the house this morning. Our cat had just been hanging out in his favorite bedroom with all his stuff until the dogs settled down a bit, though I had brought him out a few times just in my arms to let Blair and our cat sniff each other. They all are doing fine.  Blair basically ignores the cat but was sort of going for him at first.  All I had to say was no and he stopped right away and left him alone. He is a good boy!

~ Samantha

MACY (formerly Tiny)
Adopted August 2005

We have had such a wonderful time already getting to know Macy (Tiny's new name). We took her our riding around in the car today and we ended up at PetCo. She loved browsing through the aisles with us as we found her some items to help her feel more at home. She has a new separate small feed and water dishes and a little colorful mat for her bowls that says "Good dog". We also made her some colorful bandanas with her new name on them.

She slept over 8 hours straight with us last night, I think she was worn out from the move and the playing once we got her home. Our cat, Josie, is still getting used to having a sister, but only children can be stubborn at first. So far she has only had one small accident from being excited, but other than that she is doing really well at using the outdoors as a potty.

We appreciate you and Tommy for the hospitality last night. We're super excited about our new kiddo, Macy.

Thanks again! We'll send pictures soon!    ~ Dale, Susan, Josie & Macy

Adopted August 2005

I have always been into photography so the only camera I have is a fully manual and although I've given it my best shot it has proved to be VERY difficult to catch an always moving puppy and focus correctly in a split second.  Soooooooooooooooo after getting two rolls of film developed and being very disappointed, Jason and I decided to go get a digital camera last weekend.  Carl is doing really well, he's getting so big you won't believe it!  I look back to the first pics you sent me and it doesn't even look like the same pup!  But he's gorgeous, and very well mannered (most of the time) AND (I dare say it) completely potty trained!  He has only 2 classes left at puppy kindergarten and became the very best pup there up until last week, he's digressed a bit but they say it's perfectly natural and we will just keep working with him.  We are contemplating getting him a companion here in the near future so he'll have a playmate all the time.  He has a girlfriend, Jackie, a 1-yr old Jack Russell, in Stillwater.  When we comes home from visiting he just mopes around the house for hours, poor guy J.  Anyway he says, "Hi!"  I know he misses you both.

~ Monica


Just wanted to let you know we all got home safe and sound. Mattie is sitting on my lap helping me to write this email. We are already head over heals in love with her. She was very good in the car. She loves her new yard. We already played chase. We also did some damage at PetsMart. She has a new bed and lots of new toys and a collar and a leash. Pink, of course! She is meeting her new vet on Wednesday. He is a wonderful man. I'm sure they will love each other. Thank you again for helping us to adopt this angel. Thank you to rose Marie too.    ~ Mary Lou , Gary and Mattie

AUGUST 2005:

Mattie is a joy.  She sleeps with Mom and Dad every night.  Last night I woke up at 2:30 a.m to find her sleeping on my pillow and staring at me.  She is so funny.  She loves her new yard and playing "chase". I'd forgotten how much energy a puppy has!  We will send you some new photos when we get them.
~  Mary Lou


Thank you for these great websites. The boys and I will read them together. I knew with Sasha being a lab-mix she would probably like water so we filled up our wading pool last night. Connor, our oldest, slept in his tent beside her last night so she would not be lonely (hence why I am up so early this morning!). When I went out to check on them this morning Sasha was wagging her tale and rolled over for me to scratch her tummy. I think she is already warming up to us! We are all so excited to have her as a part of our family. Her demeanor seems to be a perfect fit for the boys. I think a real hyper dog would scare them. Both our boys take a while to warm up to new people and new situations so they are extremely understanding of Sasha's initial fears and concerns. She now wags her tail when she sees us or when we pull up in the driveway. She is licking the boys and they love it. She is eating well and loves her wading pool. We are so happy. Her disposition and demeanor is a perfect fit for the boys' personalities. Teresa, thank you once again for this opportunity. Sasha is great.


Lucas has been reported to have settled in and making himself at home on his new 50 acre plot of land which including horses, cats, Cocker Spaniel, and children. Lucas has become great friends and companions with the cats and the Spaniel of the house.  Lucas is enjoying indoor/outdoor living at its finest with his new family and friends.  He is currently being trained to "high jump" by the children; they have high hopes that Lucas will one day win in a jumping competition (Lucas has a history of "high jumping") . Lucas also enjoys traveling with the Dr. making house calls to animals in need.  Lucas is definitely one "lucky boy"!   

September 2005:
Lucas is doing great.  We are really enjoying him. He still wanders to the concrete plant occasionally, but they know where he belongs and he lays in the office until we come to get him.  We built an area for him in the garage so he won't follow us when we leave and that is working out great.  He loves to go in the car to pick up the kids after school and Kate is training him to be on Pet Star.      ~ Thanks for everything.  Paula

Adopted July 2005

I wanted to let you know that I got Sassy's stitches out on Saturday.  Her stitches were stainless steel wire. He said you do not see that very often due to the difficulty to work with it but it is considered top of the line to use.  He had to dig out his special pliers to cut them and get them out. She did very well with it.  Sassy did well at my parents as well playing with my mom's dogs. In fact the puppy ignored my mom all weekend cause he wanted to be with Sassy and she was always sitting with me and Haylee.  We really had to watch her exploring on the farm. Mom and dad have 80 acres but there is a lot of places to go.  The first thing she found was a cow pile, and came back with green you know what all over her. She is funny.  My parents and my grandmother who is not an animal person liked her.  I picked up Sassy's heartworm preventative today and she is now in the computer at the clinic here.  She is doing well.  She has decided to sleep were ever my youngest daughter sleeps.  She and Snuggles are getting along much better.  I will try to send some pictures sometime.

~ Sherri

PENELOPE - a.k.a. Penny
Adopted July 2005

Penelope is making great gains and opening up a little more each day. She loves going on walks, which we take several times a day. She and Genie are getting more cozy; they were playing chase the other day. Genie actually wanted to go into Penny's crate when it was time for me to leave, to be with her during the time I would be gone for work!

Penny is getting to meet all the dogs we have living here. Some she likes and some not so much. She growls a little and gives them a little gruff that wants to be a bark. It's funny.

She loves watching me to see what I'm doing and where I'm moving around. I've been working on the command SIT and Lay...she's just about got it now. She is recognizing the words I use and responding. I think she really likes it here and she loves us. I'm anxious for my husband to get home in August, so that she can get used to him as well.

Penny went on her first hike with us. She was worn out half way, I carried her all the way back! I got a good workout!

Take care and talk to you later on, ~ Chelsea :)

Adopted July 2005

Dear Teresa,

Hi, it's me Linda. I am so sorry we didn't get to meet you while we were there. We had such nice visits with Rose Marie and Tommy.

My husband Leonard is a talker just like Tommy so they got along so well.  We've even made plans to come back for a visit some time in the future with Ozzi. Maybe then we can come by to visit you.

Rose Marie was telling me all about your work with the shelter and I was so impressed. You are a true real life Angel here on earth to help these poor souls and fix them up with care and new homes.

I can't thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to get Ozzi. Even though we were interested in Ben and Sassy I think we got the dog that was meant for us. Ozzi is so loveable and he is getting more familiar with us and the family and house every day. He has the run of the house and a big back yard. He sleeps right next to us in bed. He gives us lots of love and kisses.

Thanks again and may God bless you, your husband and all the volunteers that help you with this very important cause.

There is no doubt that we love this little guy very, very, much.     Sincerely,   ~ Linda & Leonard

Adopted July 3, 2005

Things are going great with Lucy. We love her very much and enjoy her funny little personality. So far, we have not had any problems other than she wants to eat what we eat, when we eat it. She barks almost nonstop until she realizes that she's not going to get any "human" food. We love Lucy and will give her the very best home that we possible can give her.  She will be spoiled, but I think that's ok.

  Thank you for remembering us when Lucy became available.  We feel very lucky to have her. ~ Doris and Bill

(formerly Foxy)
Adopted July 2005

Just a little note to let you know how well Sydney is doing.  He's been great and adapting really well.  He is starting to take a little more interest in Tucker by pawing his nose, playing, and such.  This morning I was taking a bath and he tried to jump into the tub with me.  It was so funny, he kind of balanced on the edge and teetered for a second and then decided he didn't want in there and jumped down.  I just laughed at him, it was so cute.  I got him some Frontline yesterday and I am taking him to the vet next Friday.  Hope you are doing well.  We are doing just wonderful.      ~ Traci

MOLLY (formerly Jessica)
Adopted June 25, 2005

I was just sitting down to email you and let you know how Jessica is doing.  By the way, her name is  now Molly.  We think it fits her and our grandson said he likes that name.  Molly slept all the way home right next to our grandson and at one point she put her head in his lap.  They are crazy about each other!  She has been a delight so far. We have been coming home for lunch to walk her and then we decided tonight it was time to let her out without a leash. She loved it!  She followed us all over our property and even met up with one of the cats. She was curious but the cat hissed at her so Molly backed off.  She was out about 2 hours tonight.  Eric left at one point so I started throwing a ball around with her.  We absolutely love her & are so glad we went to meet her, sometimes you just have a feeling about something.  We have been wanting another dog for so long. I was watching Eric and her tonight just walking around the garden while he was watering it. She is smart!      ~ Cheryl

Adopted June 25, 2005

I am very happy to tell you that everything is well in our family. Benjamin has fit in quite nicely. He and Rascal are like two peas in a pod. I am enjoying the love and affection that Benjamin so eagerly gives. He is truly a lap dog. Thank you so much for being willing to give of yourselves to such a great cause. We could not thank you enough. Thanks again.  ~ Jody

Adopted June 9, 2005

Oh, Figero is just the most adorable, perfect, little companion I could ever want!!  We have gone (almost) everywhere together the last few days.  He adapts so easily, it so loving, & just stays right with me. I have sent pictures his foster Mom took to my sons and they agree - he is adorable.  I have plans to go to Houston for some birthdays next week.  I am trying to make arrangements for Figero to go with me.  I really must work this out for several reasons:  (1) I don't want to leave him so soon and (2) the family are so excited about meeting him, I probably wouldn't be welcome alone!! 

His Foster Family are so special!  They have such loving hearts and a home full of happy little pets.  I'm glad Figero was with them for awhile.  I will keep you posted on him.  Thank you for rescuing such a wonderful pet!!     ~ Fondly, BJ

Adopted June 2005

Everything is going well with Joey and Julie. They are absolutely great with the kids.  Both Joey and Julie are 18lbs.  They have lost their puppy fur and have gotten very tall.  We have taught them to sit and stay.  We are working on laying down.  We plan on going to training classes when they start up.  

The kids are so excited now because they say the dogs are real dogs now because they barked at the neighbors dog once.  We will have to take updated pics for you so you can see how much they have grown.    ~ Stacie

Adopted June 9, 2005

Jenny has been a real joy!  She sleeps in her crate all night without any accidents (after the 1st night).  She plays so very gently.  We have 23 grandchildren, and she seems to love being around them.  She also understands "No" now. 

We are enjoying her.

~ Charles

Adopted June 9, 2005

We're doing fine. Remember my nephew I talked about that can help me with her? He has spent yesterday and today fooling with Ally (spoiling her). They have bonded quite well.

We go for our obedience training again tomorrow morning and she has an appointment with the groomers on Thursday. I've been brushing her each night to get her accustomed to it so she will be accepting with being groomed. We went to the vet last weekend. By the way, Ally and the cat are tolerating each other but they need more time to become friends.

Adopted June 4, 2005

Gadget is doing extremely well. He loves to play with the Jack Russell puppy.  They are the best of friends.  Gadget likes to go for walks every evening.  He is enjoying his new home very much.

UPDATE: August 2005
I am just writing to update you on Gadget. He is such a blessing. He is extremely happy with his big yard, nice cozy waterbed he loves to lay on, playing with Cosmo, and his best friend his food bowl. He has put on some weight that's for sure. He brings our home a lot of happiness and love. I can't express how thankful I am to have found him. Wherever I am he is, whether I am watching TV or in the laundry room he is always there wiggling his little stubby tail, happy to be next to me. Well I am going to end here for now and I will update you later on again.      Thanks again,  ~ Julie

Adopted June 2005

I wanted to let you know that Sebastian is going great here. He runs all around the back yard with my grandson. He has met the neighborhood kids last night and they all fell in love with him. He is not very crazy about the bones you sent with him but he loves the ones that I brought. He keeps surprising us by walking out of one of the bedrooms with a shoe in his mouth. I guess we will have to get him one of his own. I have a blanket for him to lay on but he would rather use it as a rag and toss it around. Randy will get on the floor and wrestle with him. They have so much fun together. I would really like to thank you for letting him be a part of our lives. I know it must have been hard for you to see him go. But be assured he is in a very loving home. Will keep in touch and let you know how things go.      ~  Debbie, Randy and Sebastian

UPDATE, July 2005:  Just thought I would update you on Sebastian. He is doing wonderful and loves it here. He has set his bedtime for 10:30 p.m. and if I am not ready he will bug me until I either go to bed which he always beats me to the bed or I have to tuck him in. Randy thinks it is so funny. But if we are somewhere else in the house he will come and find me at 10:30 to go to bed and he won't leave me alone until I tuck him in. He won't get on any other piece of furniture in the house, just the bed. He is such a good boy. We also found that he likes to watch TV. He will sit in front of it and just watch. It is so funny. He has learned the sound of the Harley and knows when we get home from a ride, we will trip over him at the door because he is sitting there waiting to get out to the garage where we are. He has also learned how to open the gate so now we have to tie it shut. Sure hope he doesn't learn how to untie. He loves Randy but he follows me everywhere I go. When it is time for him to go outside I have to let him out otherwise he will just sit there and look at Randy. Randy said that I truly found what I was looking for in Sebastian. I think so to.   Will keep in touch    ~ Debbie

Adopted June 2005

Ceasar is doing really well. He likes to chase squirrels and rabbits around the yard and sleeping on our back porch in the shade.  He seems happy and really likes being out in our back yard.   He is so well behaved and fitting right in. The boys adore him and fortunately he seems to like hugs because they are always hugging him.  He seems very smart!  He is learning to play ball with the boys and they are all having a great time.  We are taking him on lots of walks and he is doing so well on the leash.  He sleeps in the kitchen or sun room and has been very well behaved in the house.  We have family visiting from out of state this weekend so the boys are looking forward to showing him off.    ~ Mimi

UPDATE, July 2005:  Caesar is doing really well and seems so happy to have his own family. The boys have taught him how to play soccer and he pounces on the ball and bats it away from the boys with those big paws of his. He is doing well. We will be taking him to MN with us in late July for about three weeks or so. He should have a blast.       ~Thanks again, Mimi

UPDATE, August 2005:  Caesar is doing great! He loved our vacation and became quite proficient at swimming-- he loves the water and riding in boats! We could hardly get him off the dock at the end of the day. He is doing really well and is just a great dog!        ~Thanks, Mimi

Adopted May 2005
NOTE:  Fritz's family drove over 600 miles, 11 hours, to meet and adopt Fritz.

Fritz has settled in very nicely. He is so precious. Rich held him all the way home. He says that it is as if Missy has returned to him via Fritz. We introduced Fritz to my mother and father in law who live next door, and she loved them immediately. I have never seen a dog take so fast to strangers as this one. It is as if she had lived with them before. Our other dogs, Savannah and Dixie are also getting along with Fritz. Savannah and Fritz have been romping around the yard all morning playing games.

Again, if you ever come across another Fritz, let us know immediately. My mother in law, Amy, has suggested that Rusty would be a good name for Fritz, we are considering it. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.

TIGGER (formerly Tighr)
Adopted May 2005

HI: Things are going quite well. Tigger is enjoying his big back yard very much. He gets to chase the squirrels and birds and bark at the people riding their bikes on the bike path that runs through the park behind our house. He has learned what we permit and what we don't and he has adapted much quicker than we thought. He has quit demanding so much attention as he first did. He still likes his loving and "good boys" but not so much now. We have been working in the back yard all day and he has been right there with one of us or the other all the time and just loved it. He is such a sweet dog. He is sleeping like a log now. I know he is tired from all the running and playing and chasing.   ~ Earl & Irene

Adopted May 2005

Flint was adopted into a very good home and has been reported to be happy and doing well. Flint's new home has a large, shady, fully fenced yard and a nearby pond for him to play in. Flint likes gardening and is learning not to dig in the flower beds. Flint even likes to help with the lawn mowing. His loves his new guardians, Melinda and Ashley, and is loved in return.

Adopted May 2005

Joey is doing really good. We have a system now for when he wants to go potty. I have his leash beside the door and he goes and gets it when he wants to go outside. He is such a little stinker. I bought him so many toys and he doesn't want to play with them. He prefers my socks, shoes, or panty hose. Joey is such a sweetie but he is definitely a wild one. He is wild during the day and he starts settling down around 8:00. He sleeps during the night and he doesn't get up in the middle of the night anymore wanting to go outside. He has to be chewing on something constantly.   ~ Tabatha

Adopted May 2005

Rosie is doing so well. Her trip home was wonderful, we stopped by my dad's house first, and she just loved on all of them. She is adapting very well. Izzy is beginning to accept her, they are getting along great today. Yesterday Izzy kind of ignored all of us (which we knew would happen), but today is better. Rosie is such a sweetie, she does become very dependent on me (I love it though) She just sits and studies with me, and she cuddles perfectly. She is Perfect! She sure has taken over our hearts. She is so precious, thank you for allowing us to adopt her.   ~ Carlie

Adopted March 30, 2005

We decided that Felix was a "Felix" and kept his given name; it seems to suit him. Felix still sleeps in his crate at night and has done well with potty training. We try to take him out OFTEN.

He goes with me to the office. I take his crate and toys and keep him on his lead so he can move around and even go outside. He his very bright. When we go outside I usually use a lead as we are "in training", but we also go free sometimes to check progress as we walk around our yard and the pond. Felix also travels very well and likes to go--which is great for me, as I like taking him everywhere.

We really love Felix and are glad to have him. Thanks for letting us adopt him.    ~ Brigitta

UPDATE: September 2005
Felix is good, he weighed 20lbs the last time I weighed him, could be a pound or two more by now. It's really hard to keep him wore out enough and in enough toys that he doesn't destroy everything we own. He is probably the smartest dog I've ever trained, but he is also the most stubborn as well. He thinks he's the boss most of the time. But we love him and we try to take him every where we go. He really likes to swim and we take him to the lake a lot. He likes to swim and fetch his ball, and he'll swim out to us all by his own desire. He has now ridden on the jet bike twice and really likes it. Now that my school is over, we're thinking of going to canine school for extra training for him and ME.               ~  Take care, Brigitta

Adopted March 28, 2005

Cocoa is doing very well and adjusting nicely. She patrols the fence and lets me know when anyone walks by. She has been a super watchdog. She doesn't let anything go by with out letting us know....LOL I am very happy with her, and I think she loves being here. Gizzy has been very nice to her even though Coco nips at Gizzy a lot. I think Gizzy knows that she is a little pup and is very patient with her. We are taking our first trip to Hot Springs. We will spend the night at my parents and she will get to see buffalo and cows up close.

Cocoa is wonderful, and I love her very much. Thanks for everything, and I will keep in touch....  ~ Bev

Adopted March 23, 2005
NOTE:  Joe's family drove over 1400 miles to meet and adopt Joe.

Joe is doing great! He is such a love. He looked his new house over and seemed to approve. The yard is a marvel to him. He ventures out a little further each time. My daughter brought Abby home this afternoon and she met Joe. You should have seen those little tails wagging, they became instant friends and have been inseparable ever since. They are both very happy, where one goes the other goes, they are almost the same size. There hasn't been a single growl or yip, just happiness and peace. Abby is the leader and Joe is happy to be her little shadow.

I feed him twice a day, which he really loves. I have almost completely switched him over to the diet with vegetables, Paul Neuman, olive oil and I now add fat free cottage cheese instead of yogurt He loves it, especially the carrots, I give raw carrot sticks for treats a couple of times a day, so when I say "carrot" he comes running. He has put on some weight and learned several new words - "carrot, biscuit, sweater on, sweater off and bedtime". He is smart as a whip, watches Abby and then knows exactly what to do.

He LOVES the yard and can't get enough outside time. He gets along well with the big dogs, the four of them make a funny looking pack, but a happy one. He just stares at the elk, and barks with Abby at the wild turkey outside the fenced yard. Abby and Joe are together almost constantly, except that he likes to go outside more often than Abby. When he goes out alone Tigger takes over, she really has taken to him. He has finally ventured all over the yard and has found a chip monk hole to dig in, boy is he proud to be such a tough terrier. I think he believes there is at least a bear in that hole! Abby is helping, so we should have a bear skin rug on the floor any day now!
We are very happy to have him here with us. He sure owns our hearts! Thank you so much for all you did for Joe and for bringing him into our lives. What a joy you have brought into our lives.

Thank you so much!      ~ Nancy

June, 2005 - A special Letter from Joe:

Dear Foster Mother,    

     I want to thank you for helping me find my forever home, I am very happy here.  I have 3 sisters to play with and also 4 cats!  The cats are nice cats, they don't scratch me and sometimes they even play with me.  There is a lot of good food to eat and we have a CAR to ride in!  A car is a wonderful thing!! I also sleep on the bed with Newmomma and Abby, I still have my crate, but a bed is a better place to sleep.

     I have a job now, I get up early every morning and help Tigger patrol the yard just in case any bears came over the fence during the night.  Abby doesn't help patrol, she says she is a princess and she doesn't have to help patrol.  Maggie is lazy and only helps when she wants to, but Tigger and I have got it covered.  I am teaching Abby to protect the car, she didn't bark if someone came near the car, but I am teaching her to.  I tell her she must bark loud, the car is a wonderful thing and we must protect it!

     Newmomma gives us all hugs and kisses several times a day (even the cats!), at first I wasn't sure I liked being hugged and kissed, but I have decided I like it very much.  I also like the treats we get, I love watermelon, cantaloupe and raw carrots, I will also eat apple if there is nothing else, cheerios are good too.  I get my hair cut once a month, newmomma says I am very handsome, I think she is right. I get a bath once a week, I don't like the water part, but drying and rubbing is  very good and then I get a treat.

     I am sending you some pictures so you can see how good I look.  I don't like the flash on the camera so I run and hide when I see it, maybe I will decide it won't hurt me and let newmomma take more pictures of me later.  My beard is growing out so I look like a proper schnauzer.  I will probably look better than Abby even if she is a princess!

     I love you and miss you, but this is a good place and I am really needed here.  Someone has to help Tigger and the car must be protected.  I hope I will see you again some day, thank you for all you did for me, you are a good lady.  I wish there were more mommas like you!

  Hugs and kisses!    ~ Joe

Adopted March 23 2005

What a big Teddy Bear Skippy is. He is such a lover. He just buried his head between my neck and shoulders and kept giving me hugs. What a sweet boy. I am just so impressed I think you made a perfect match.

He did great last night. We put him in the kitchen with a night light and all his goods. His pillow, blanket and toys. I sang him a song and you should have seen him. He was laying on his back with the blanket pulled up to his front paws and one of his bottom legs sticking out with his head all snuggled in with me scratching his belly. He looked like he had found a little slice of heaven. He is a snuggler. We have already bonded.

He does not seem to want to stay out in the back yard for to long at this point, but he is adamant about that he is suppose to get a treat when he comes back in. He did everything in his power to let me know that! Once I caught on he even tired to play me and went out and then wanted strait back in just so he could have a treat. I think he was a little disappointed that it didn't work. (He doesn't realize that I already have a two year old, so I know how their minds work.)

You would not believe what a great day he has had! He was very happy to go for a ride in the car. He sat between the boys. Then we spent all afternoon at the park. He had a ball. There were literally bus loads of kids with it being spring break, I guess it was spring break camps but they were everywhere. He passed the ultimate kid test. He LOVED it!! Every other kid wanted to pet him from 10 years to 1year and he did great. He was relaxed, didn't seem overwhelmed or nervous. He had so much fun. Now he is completely drained. I put him down the same time I put my boys down for a nap and he assumed the same position he was in last night. He just cracked me up. It is already official he is a Momma's boy!!

Again you did a great job matching us, you should be really proud of what you do!! It really makes a big difference for the people and the dogs.

He is a great dog.
Love,    ~ Kristen, Derrick, Bryce and Preston

UPDATE, June 2005
Things are going great!! He is a completely different dog than when we first got him.  He has really come out of his shell.  He is playing tug a war with an old sock, fetching, and actually will bite my husbands toes all the time to get him to play.  I think its hilarious because he won't do it to anyone else but Derrick.  I have been out of town some this summer and I think they have really bonded.  The boys love him and he just fits right in now days.

We had to go out of town and he stayed with some friends who have kids our kids age, a dog, a cat, and a bunny!! He was in hog heaven and did great.  He knows them really well because the kids are in our playgroup and as I have said before he is the Mascot you know.   They were so excited to have him spend the night. The little girl thinks he hung the moon.
The picture is of Skippy's first camping trip!   We went with two other families from our playgroup.  They all adore Skippy,     
Thanks for asking about him, he is such a great dog.  We really love him. 
 ~ Kristen, Derrick, Bryce, Preston, and Skippy

BOCHEPUS, aka BO (formerly Corky)
Adopted March 7, 2005

Things couldn't be better! Corky loves women.  Every time Amber, my sister, or my mom stops by he sits in front of them and loves to be petted! He and my other dog, Chappelle, get along great! They run around my house in the yard and play all day until Corky tires out and needs to rest!

Corky loves to play with the tennis ball. Every time I throw it he runs after it, grabs it, and brings it right back to me!

He is a bit of a chewer! He likes shoes, socks, and anything that is soft and chewy! We changed his name to Bochepus, aka Bo, and he likes it! Amber and I love him to death! Everyday is just another day I love him even more! He is a joy and a gift everyday! Thank you so much for this great dog!           ~ Dustin

Adopted March 5, 2005

All is absolutely wonderful with Biscuit. He is the happiest dog! He is getting to where he totally takes the lead on our morning walks, and practically pulls me the whole way. He is social with all the neighborhood dogs…in fact – there is one who lives behind us (Bandit) that loves to run and romp with Biscuit. We are hoping Bandit will help Biscuit understand how to fetch…he just watches the ball as it goes right now J Biscuit is taking well to potty training in his new environment (he is obviously smart), and loving everyone and everything. He goes a little crazy every night running and chasing toys. We are starting to think the cat nip in the cats' toys affects him. He is such a part of our family already and is out fishing with Kevin as I type. All is well and he is a happy pup (and we are happy people to have him!). Biscuit is an absolute dream.       ~ Thanks so much. ~ Janell

Adopted February 10, 2005

Alex is so precious! Thank you so much! He is so much more wonderful than we ever imagined. All the way from your house to ours, he sat between us, either nudging us to "pitch" the ball for him, (which we did over and over and over!) or resting his head one or the other of our shoulders.

He is now the king! He is sitting here with his head on my leg as I write to you! Alex loves to play and is a delightful companion. He is so precious and easygoing, and you can just see how wonderful he is in those sweet eyes. We all just love him to pieces! He and DeeDee (Alpha female) run around in the truck with John all the time. He puts them in the back seat where they each have a window, and they love it.

We are taking him in to the vet in the morning, and then the groomer after that. The next stop will probably be Petco for a brush and a bed. I have a blanket beside the bed on my side with his toys.

Alex is loved and cared for ALMOST as much as you did! You are going to be a tough act to follow, I am afraid! You did a great job with Alex while he was in your care. I commend you for your dedication to your cause. I know you love Alex- and you definitely had him spoiled rotten! We are keeping up the spoiling! Rest assured Alex will be loved and cherished all his life. He will have companions, stability in his life, a big yard with lots of toys to play with, a loving family, and a safe environment. He is like part of the family and I don't know what we ever did without him!      ~ We truly love him! Thank you again!   ~ John and Karen

ADOPTED February 3, 2005

Timmy is doing great.  He is starting to get along with the cat after a few months.  He weighs about forty-five pounds.  He finished his obedience class with flying colors.  We plan on enrolling him in an advanced trick class in a few months (after the wedding). 

Brooke and Kyle

Adopted January 2005

Daisy is doing wonderful.  She has exactly the personality we love.  She slept in my bed with me last night and enjoyed her morning outside.  She is very well behaved.  We are dedicated to giving her the attention she needs and letting her know she is part of the family.  She has been wonderful and is becoming more playful.  We love her, love having her, and think she is a perfect fit for us.   She is such a joy. 

 ~ Thank you for such a wonderful dog.  Hal

MOLLIE (formerly Sonja)
Adopted January 2005

UPDATE:  May 2005
Just a note to let you know how Molly is doing.  She is officially a rotten dog.  She has to escort me to the mailbox every afternoon and hurry back in for "treat time" when the other old dogs are being fed. Molly has to go in the car on the Saturday morning errands.  She especially likes to go on the afternoon walks so that she can keep her weight under control.  

The every other week trip to her hair appointment is getting easier but she is like most kids and would like to skip the bath and play.  She is still a little shy around strangers, but warms up if not pushed.

I am so happy that she is doing so well and keeps the house entertained.    ~ David

All is well with Mollie (Sonja). She is really getting to be a very special friend. She is still shy around strangers, but has come out of her shell at home. She speaks when we talk to her and acts like she would carry on a conversation if she was able. We have been going on walks when the weather permits and she is doing very well on a leash. She is so enjoyable and is a real pleasure to be a part of the family. She is a great addition to our family and a very sweet and loving friend.    
      ~ Thanks,  David

SOPHIE (formerly Tiffany)
Adopted January 2005

Things are just fine with Sophie. We have her on about 3 acres of pure heaven for her.  She runs and plays with the goats and horses.  She has her own area that she goes into that has her house and food.  The family is truly enjoying having a "real" farm dog!!!!   Sophie is here to stay.  She is a great dog.     

~ Lynn