In Memory

Often in our lives, we have special pets that leave us much to soon. This page is to honor those special pets as well as individuals that have gone ahead and help support the Ahimsa Rescue Foundation Rescue general fund.

1183-Yvette- 7988

In Loving Memory of Billy R. Adams for his love of animals including Sadie AKA Yvette who he adopted from Ahimsa Rescue Foundation


Garner Alan   Birgit-Jack 3342 1 - Copy - Copy

In Loving Memory of Alan Anthony Garner for his true love for dogs including Jack the Golden Retriever he adopted from Ahimsa Rescue Foundation. Born March 27, 1956 Nakana, Zambia. Died December 9, 2012 Fort Smith, AR.



Dakota Fulbright-In Loving memory of a truly devoted, forever faithful friend who brought love and joy to all.  "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.  You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart." Unknown

In Loving Memory of Dino/Blair Asselanis
 In Loving Memory of Jean West CooperJanuary 17, 3931-February 15, 2012by:Edward and Cheryl NewellFonda GrantRichard and Renee WinegardnerJerry and Gail HicksDoug McEverJohn M. CarterJames and Jane WalcottHoward and Cindy BagbyHarriet Jeffers Basin Bit Kent B Martin Don R. and Teresa Morton G.W., Barbara, Amy and Mark Stringer Mr. and Mrs. Jim Newell and family Ms Laura Cooper Ms. Ella Cooper Richard and Linda Beyerl
In Memory of Precious Daisy whose life was far too short.  Daisy you were loved and will forever live in our hearts!
In Memory of Geraldine (Deany) McBath by Josie Conant
 In Honor of Ted Parshall~~daughter Roni Parshall
In Honor of "Opie Brown" beloved pet of Rachel and Andy~Karen Gold
In Memory of John S. Martin~Mayer*Brown LLP
For my precious Abigail
For my precious Abigail~~Precious of soul...Sweetness defined.  We carry your gentle nature in our souls forever.
Mary and Jim-Loving parents of Abigail "Abby" Adams
In Loving Memory of Mickey~~John and Mary Wofford/loving guardians
In Memory of Mickey Wofford~~Kathryn and Jim Rasmussen
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~Dr. and Mrs. Steven K. Wilson
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~John and Saralyn Delk
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~Tony Bihl
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~Jessica Janoski
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~Whitney Erickson
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~ Dr. Ronald P. Knobloch
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~ Sam and Vicki Brassfield
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~Laura A. Johnson
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~Mark and Pam Goodwin
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~Mr. and Mrs. Cal Lavender
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~John and Jayne Alford
In Memory of John F. Gardner~~Jeanie Davies
In Memory of Lucky Walcott...loving dog of The Jim Walcott family~~McClanahan family
In Memory of John Steven Martin~~Beatrice L. Shaw
In Memory of John Steven Martin~~Damien and Cari Wint
In Memory of John Steven Martin~~Evan and Anne Tager
InMemory of Hilda~~Dennis and Mary Rebman
In Memory of Kenneth Bodnar~~Don R. and Teresa Morton
In Memory of Catherine and Otto Rauch, parents of Mary Rauch, who taught me to care for the vulnerable and fight injustice where I found it.  Otto died at 98 in 2010; Catherine died at 93 in 2011
In memory of Catherine and Otto L. Rauch~~ Mary C. Stege
In memory of Catherine and Otto L. Rauch~~Don R. and Teresa Morton
Our beloved and cherished friend will never be forgotten. You are in our thoughts and hearts forever. We love you and thank you for loving us and bringing us much joy in return.
Until we meet again, rest in peace dear one.

In loving memory of Boots.
You left us much to soon, but will remain in our hearts forever.
Mocha Marie...  a beautiful girl from the outside in.
Your precious little life brought so much love and joy to my world.
You'll always be with me.
In Loving Memory of Mya
You were truly loved.  You now live in our hearts.
In Loving Memory of Charlotte
You were Love with four legs.  You are sadly missed.
In memory of Kathleen Feight
Regina Morton
CLARK KECKIn memory of Clark Keck
Regina Morton
In Loving Memory of Campbell Maxwell
Karen S. Richardson Maxwell
In loving memory of Nathan Wofford 03/14/97-10/04/2007
John T. & Mary K Wofford
J.R. HOSKINSIn loving memory of J.R. Hoskins
Gwenda Sharp
1997 - 2009
She is gone from my sight but never my memory. She is gone from my hearing but never my heart.
She is gone from my touch but her presence is felt.
Because of our love for each other, we will never be apart.
APACHE In Loving Memory of Apache (1999 - 2009)
Apache came into my life during a rough time and was my faithful and loving companion. For almost ten years, she walked every step I walked. It always amazed me that she seemed to really understand words like "Go bye-bye," "Go night-night," and that she would do just about anything for a piece of cheese. She is missed and will always hold a special place in my heart.
~ Debra Fischer
In loving memory and honor of Paul Schaefer
From Larry and Ruth Ann Price; Bill and Jean Taylor; Jim and Cynthia Crockett; and Gary and Evelyn Lookebill
GENE GARRIn honor of Gene Garr
From Beth Duvall, Evan Duvall and Sarah Duvall Murray.
MIKE FORNAROIn memory of Mike Fornaro
From Wane and Sandra Huddleston
In Memory of "Uncle Don" Donald Brooks.
By Paula and Kenneth Kimberling
In loving memory of Theodore who was dearly loved.
Bear came to live with me almost ten years ago when he was four years old when I lived in a one-bedroom apartment. We used to walk every evening because we both needed the exercise. Subsequently, we bought a home so he could have a back yard to roam—unfortunately, we both missed the walks and got fatter because of it!
Bear was always a "people dog". To my female guests, he’d lean into them and then look over at me with a "look at me!" expression on his face. When granddaughter Aubree would try to sit on him (when she was younger), he wouldn’t growl at her, but he did "rumble" to let her know that was enough. At meal times he would, before his hips gave him too much pain, jump up and down in a little dance and his butt was always wagging! Two years ago, another male Rott, Logan, came to live with us. Bear put up with this younger, more aggressive interloper, and I believe this is a large part of what contributed to Bears longevity.
Although I would have never named a dog "Bear", in his case it was appropriate. His names, however, were many: Bear-man, Bay-row, Oh, boy, oh boy, oh Bear, and, in a big voice, Big Ole Bear, Big Ole Boy, and Hey, Ole Man. Bear and Logan together were known as Logo-Bear.
We put Bear down yesterday, and we shall miss him greatly! The quality of his life became untenable this last week when he could not get up. He passed peacefully and well loved. We patted him and told him good bye…
Bear 1994 - 2009 R.I.P.
BENSON MURPHYIn Memory In memory of Benson Murphy
by Dr. & Mrs. David McClananan
So young, so sweet.  Now missing from our lives.  Never to be forgotten.
DOTTY ROBERTSONIn Memory of Dotty Robertson
Carl M Wise and Mary L Wise
Heidi was a young lady but an "old spirit". In her short life she gave unconditional love even though she had suffered much in her brief stay on this earth. Heidi was loved by the people who were fortunate enough to have welcomed her as a major part of their lives.
Heidi lives forever and faithfully in our hearts.
In memory of Liebchen
Absent from our lives. Forever in our hearts.
In loving memory of Riley who was dearly loved.
CASSIE In Loving Memory of Cassie Wentworth 1993 - 2008
Fifteen years of squirrel chasing, biscuit eating, tail wagging and keeping her people happy. Cassie could herd anything - dogs, cats, birds, small children, even lawnmowers. She loved Creamer's Field, Pioneer Park, the UAF ski trails and Wickersham Dome. She enjoyed the magic of Alaskan winters when the great outdoors became her personal snow cone. Cassie brightened every day she was with us. She enriched our lives, and we miss her. It was a wonderful 15 years!
My Best Friend saved my life twice. He gave me life for twelve and a half years. I miss and love him so very much.  It seems as if it has been twenty years since I have seen my precious Buck and he has only been gone since March 28th.
In loving memory of sweet Sally. No dog was ever loved more. She lives forever in our hearts.
In loving memory of Bonnie's Kitty Cat. Never was a cat more dearly loved.
GINGER JONES In loving memory. You are forever in our hearts.
In loving memory of Buck Stringer
I lost my dear little friend "Eli" just this morning. I knew it was getting closer to the time I had to say 'goodbye'. I adopted Eli in January 2006. He was the cutest little Yorkie Man ever. He had been in heart failure since I met him, didn't have a tooth in his little head and he was on medications for his heart and thyroid twice a day. He was blind in one eye but I truly believe he enjoyed life up to the last minute. He had the cutest little toothless smile one could imagine. I will miss him dearly but I am so thankful for everyday I had him. I did not spend one night away from my little buddy since meeting him. He barked every night when he decided I should go to bed. He also barked at me in the mornings to get up. He loved collecting treats! He would lick them thin since he didn't have toofers! Eli Nguyen has gone to the Rainbow Bridge to join our other beloved fur friends. He will touch my heart forever. Thank you for choosing me to be his Mom. ~ Jill Nguyen
In loving memory of Susie.
Thank you Sydney and Ron for all that you did for Susie and letting her know she was Loved. Susie was fortunate to have a long life with lots of love.
Thank you Sydney and Ron for making Susie's final days the best ever.
Your time was too short with us but we treasure every minute we had with you.
Randy, SaLessa, Ryan & Keith
Dec. 2006 - July 2007
A sweet, loving boy who was loved and is deeply missed.
Foster Mom, Paula
In loving memory of Alston
In loving memory of Dinga
Sweet boy, you were dearly loved and will be remembered forever. Your time with us was much to short.
~ "Mom" and "Dad" and everyone at Ahimsa Rescue
"Precious baby ~ Truly Loved and Forever Missed"
~ Teresa & Nicole Morton
In memory of Carl
A Truly Devoted, Forever Faithful Friend (1997-2006).
~ Teresa Morton
In Loving Memory of Duke and Joe who were Dear Friends and Devoted Companions for 10 short years.
~ George & Ruby Logue
In loving memory of Gladys, our family's beloved cat of 20 years.
~ Reba Shadell ~
December 20, 2006 - Crissy left us today due to liver failure. She has been very special to me for these past two years. We miss her dearly.  Thanks for bringing her into my life.
~ Momma Bev
In memory of Otto L. Rauch
~ Mary C. Stege ~
In memory of Otto L. Rauch
~ Randy & Teresa Morton ~
Please also visit our Supporters Page for a list of those who have been remembered with Memorial Donations specifically toward our new shelter.