2017 Adoption Tales

2017 "Adoption Tale of the Year!"


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FLAPJACK (formerly Dice)

We don't know why Dice ended up homeless to begin with but this is what we do know.....We first met Dice when he was brought into Ahimsa's intake center by the local Muldrow animal control. Dice was emaciated! He was extremely thin with every rib showing, hip bones protruding, teeth worn down to the gums and to make things worse he tested positive for heartworms.

The current guardian of Dice called Ahimsa to say that he was a very good dog but they would not be picking him up and asked that he be euthanized. Well that never happened because of an Ahimsa volunteer who is a Rottweiler lover took Dice into her foster care. He was given much love and affection. He gained his much needed weight back and was treated for heart worms. That was 3 years ago.

Dice was recently adopted by another Rottweiler loving family who had adopted another rescued Rottweiler from Ahimsa Rescue Foundation a few years ago by the name of Cabo. The had recently lost a dog to old age and was ready to adopt another lucky dog. Not only did Dice (now Flapjack) get lucky to be adopted by this family but his good friend Dixie (now Challah) was also adopted.

Dice had a sad story and history before he got lucky and ended up at Ahimsa Rescue Foundation. Dice was first adopted some years ago from a shelter to be used as a guard dog. When the rains began that resulted in high flood waters Dice and his outdoor kennel was almost washed away. The family had to move and Dice was given away. Dice lived with the new family for a while; however, when that family moved Dice was given away again. This time it was even worse. Dice lived on the end of a chain and did not receive proper care.

Dice got lucky when he was brought to Ahimsa Rescue's intake center 3 years ago, and he was recently rewarded with a most wonderful Rottweiler loving family and the kind of life he deserved as a truly devoted, forever faithful friend when Stacie and Nathan adopted him. Dice (now Flapjack) and Dixie (now Challah) left Ahimsa Rescue foundation to live with their new family that included 13 year old Crouton and 5 year old Cabo.

Thank you Stacie and Nathan for giving Flapjack and Challah a wonderful home. Thank you for allowing them be a part of your family and giving them the love they so much deserve.


Make Adoption your first Option and encourage everyone to spay and neuter their pets because there are not enough homes.